• We can escape from the infectious diseases, by including healthy food items in our daily food.
  • Particularly, for being relieved of from the lungs-diseases, we should include foods containing vitamins, minerals, proteins and anti-oxidants.
  •  During rainy season and winter season, lungs are subject to diseases. So, we should eat food suitable for that. For example, we should add ginger, garlic, and cabbage often in our food so that the   infectious diseases can be prevented during rainy seasons.
  •  Take carrot and coriander leaves in equal quantity and grind a little piece of ginger and prepare a juice and drink. This will increase your strength and      remove tiredness.
  • If the pomegranates are eaten continuously, we can prevent the infectious diseases and get various health benefits.
  •   Proteins, Vitamins-A, C, K iron, calcium, copper, potassium are abundant in peas. The peas prevent the infectious diseases and allergy of the lungs during winter season.
  •  There are 80 kinds of flavonoids in spinach. If we include this green variety in our food, we can prevent diseases cancer, cold, and fever.




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