This year Jupiter transits in your 9th place up to October  2019  and thereafter in the 10th place. Saturn transits in your 11th house after January 2020 i.e in the ‘profit house’. Ragu and   Ketu transit in the 4th and ketu  10th  houses.

.           Jupiter transits favorably to your 9th house.

Now we will see the prospects of the transit of Jupiter in your 9th house.  This is a lucky transit.  This is a wonderful position and brings all glories to your life. You will get all kinds of prosperities. The enmity prevailed in the work-place will go away. The enmity with your colleagues also disappears. You will have new customers in your business. You will add one more business with the existing one and earn more income. You will get your due promotions, increase in salary, transfers to the desired place in your official cadre, thereby join with your family members and enjoy. You will also get success in the court cases. You will enlarge your business by increasing the number of employees. If you talk less, you can achieve more. Some of you will buy new house, land and vehicle and develop your standard of living. You can be happy about the education, their job and marriage possibilities.  Some of you will have a chance of going abroad for tours, studies or for job. You will also redeem your long-term loans. Your court cases will come to an end. Your enemies will surrender. The existing problems will go away. Some will have the happiness of conducting marriage, house-warming ceremonies etc. This is the time in which you can get all sorts of fortunes. Those who try for better foreign jobs like doctors, engineers etc. will get the jobs of their desire. Your health problems will go away. Those who were suffering from some chronic diseases like, kidney-disorders, cancer, heart-ailments will get cured of the diseases. Your worries will disappear. Some of you will buy new ornaments for your wife. Misunderstanding with your spouse which was prevailing so far, will slowly go away. Some of you will fix their son’s or daughter’s marriage according to their desired choice.

All dreams in your mind will come into reality. You will have enormous amount of money. Domestic harmony prevails. Your family members will be happy. You will buy house, land and new vehicle. You will buy new dresses and ornaments. By keeping up your promises, you will earn a good name in the society. Your relationship with the surroundings will enlarge and you will get yourself introduced to V.I.P.s Marriages will be conducted in the families in a grand manner.  Some of you will be blessed with a child. Setbacks and the oppositions prevailing in the business will disappear. You will get new attractive chance due to your relationship with the foreign circles and get yourself lifted up to an exalted position. Govt servants and others working in private concerns will get promotions, increase in salary and desired transfers. Thus, you will enjoy a happy time, this year.

you are undergoing a lot of sufferings in the present transit of Saturn in the 10th house. which will continue up to January 2020. after that  Saturn transits to the 11th house of your Rasi after January 2020. This transit brings you money from all the ways. You will be cured of the deceases and your health will improve. Your body will glow. You will get extra stamina and you will become happy. You will get powerful posts like Ministers and higher authorities. You will be blessed with a child. Your dignity and fame will grow. You will get commanding posts. You will be identified as a great man. You will get a satisfied family life. Whatever desire you get, you will attain it. You will become brave and hard. You will also get the money of other persons. You will get many new friends. They will also be helpful. You will get profit by all your deeds. Your house will be filled with all kinds of household articles, food materials and luxurious products. You will feel like this is a ‘Rajayogam’ period. Saturn, in the 11th house will give all kinds of favors and glory.

Your domestic integrity is assured and your family members will respect your words. Even though your help to your in-laws is very small, they will praise you a lot. So, your spouse will approve whatever you do and will cooperate with you very much in all matters. But, you should take care of your health during this year. Every family functions, whether it is the marriage of your in-laws or marriage of your brothers and sisters, it will be conducted under your presiding. All will pass on appreciations to you. The unfavorable effects in your business, profession and job, caused to you in the last transit when Saturn in the 10th house will now change in the transit in the 11th house.  So far, your talent and good work would not have been recognized and you might not get salary-hike and promotions. Now the position will change.  Promotions and salary –hike will come to you automatically. Childless couple will get the blessings for a child. Marriages stopped for some of you so far, will now be conducted. Some of you can get financial help from your elder sisters and brothers.  With that financial help, you will be able to buy house or a vehicle.  Some of you can have a second marriage.

So far, students were not able to get good marks in the examinations, in spite of hard work and sincere attempts in their studies.  This condition has now changed totally when Saturn transits in the 11th house, which is the ‘Profit House’. Your   memory power and interest will become double and you will be suitably rewarded according to your talent and hard work. All will praise you in your family and in the outside-circle. Even if you put less effort in studies, you will be rewarded in a great extent. You can get   the choice of studies in your higher studies also. This transit of Saturn will lift you up to the peak of fame and popularity. Therefore, you can enjoy maximum favorable effects during this transit of Saturn n the 11th house.

The unfavorable conditions of politicians will change now totally due to the favorable transit of Saturn in your 11th house. Your progress and achievements will increase, beyond your imaginations. Further Jupiter’s current transit in your 9th house will add to the favorable effects caused by the favorable transit of Saturn. These favorable transits will raise you, your followers and family members to the peak of fame. Your long-term justified demands will now be materialized. Your dreams will be fulfilled easily. You can also be self-sufficient in the financial matters. Your higher-ups will give you chances for accumulation of properties and vehicles, on their own accord. Success will be sure for you in whatever field you want to enter.       

Jupiter transits to your 10th house from October 2019. Due to the transit of Jupiter in your 10th house, there will be some problems. There may be disturbances in your official position. If you exercise extra care in all the matters, you may overcome all the problems. You will face problems in your business. Starting a new business will be somewhat difficult. You cannot flourish in the Partnership businesses because your unwanted arguments will spoil the whole affair. Correct maintenance of accounts can keep the problems under control. You should treat the laborers under your control accommodative. Employed persons seeking better jobs should leave the present one after getting the better one. If they quit the present job and search for a better job, their search would be unending. They may also fall within the unemployed category. You will buy a new vehicle and a new house on loan. You will find problems financially for repayment of loan. You will take care of your mother and you will incur medical expenses for your mother. Misunderstanding prevails between the couple. You cannot maintain good r Saturn transits to your 12th house from 1st November 2014. The transit will exist for a period of2 ½ years. This is also known as the first phase of ‘Sade Sati’. During this transit, you may have to face poverty, loss of money and unwanted travels. You may have to undergo long travels. Disproportionate expenditures will come. Your mind will be always worrying with full of mental agony and tension.

Problems like unemployment, want of money due to the unemployed condition inability to carry out a work, unmindful of attending to a work may affect you. Even a small portion of money which is on your hand will be spent in many ways. If there is a life threat in your horoscope, and also if this is the third round of Sade Sati, your life may be in danger. Damage to your dignity and social status will come. All of your plans and works will be affected, because of the restlessness in your mind. You may have to leave your wife and children. Your cattle stock will ruin. You may have to go out of station quite against your desire.

Ragu transits in your 4th house. Ketu transits in your 10th house you cannot expect favorable effects, due to these transits. Now we will see the effects of the transit of Ragu and Ketu.

Ragu transits in your 4th house. Your mother’s health will be affected. You will have to face loss by your vehicles and cattle. If you are constructing a house, the works will be affected and you cannot finish of the construction work successfully due to the shortage of finance or by the troubles created by your enemies.

Some of you may vacate your house and shift to some other house. Some will sell their own house and shift to a rented house. You will have to undergo outstation- trips, by which you will be tired and your health will be affected. Some of you cannot get stationed jobs and will get jobs of wandering from place to place.

You cannot fulfill the requirements of your family members and your family will face quarrels and confusions. There will not be unity among the family members and there will be hatred and mental worries among them. There is also a danger of poisonous –bites. Students will not have concentration in their studies. They can qualify in the examinations only out of hard work.  They have to change their place either for study-purpose or for job opportunities. The elders in your family will fall in ill. You have to incur medical expenditures.

Instead of spending for important expenditures, you will spend for amusements and feasts. So, you may have to borrow money for the unavoidable expenditures and you may also have to suffer for want of money.

Businessmen may have to suffer by taking wrong decisions and they may have to incur loss in the business. Those who are working in the offices will have overwork. They will not have a nice time with their higher authorities and colleagues.

They will be transferred to undesired places. Some will be placed in Positions which are lower in status.  During this transit, there may be theft in the houses of those whose ‘Dhasabukthi’ is not favorable.

Those who are waiting for foreign jobs will get it. Some will go on foreign tours. Some will involve themselves in social service. They will get permanent properties in future and the transit of Ragu will help for that.

As Ragu aspects your 6th house, your enemies will be weakened. Some will be able to pay back their old loans. But they may also have new loans. You will have the troubles of small ailments like Allergy, and skin deceases, though you may be relieved of from the major deceases. As Ragu aspects your 2nd house, your domestic happiness will be disturbed. You will not have adequate money for your domestic expenditures. Your family will be having a lot of confusion. Your talk with others will also create problems and enmity.

Ketu, by his transition your 10th house; will give setbacks in your business. Your business will not improve. There will not be adequate money-flow in your hands. Some will give up their business. Those who are working in the offices will think of going on voluntary retirement. Your honesty and social status will be affected in the financial matters. Some will face problems by misusing their powers.

Thus the transit of Ragu and Ketu may not be favorable.

Vedic Remedies:

The transit of Jupiter  after September 2019  is not good. Visit the temple of Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and pray with Chenna Dal and yellow flowers. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and    garland with red roses. Visit the temple of Lord Ganesa and render physical services like cleaning the temple and bringing water for ‘Apishekam’. Donate Horse GramWish you a Happy New Year!


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