This year you will have a nice time.  During September 2017 , Jupiter transits to your 7th house. So far, you suffered due to mental agony, due to the transit of Jupiter in the 6th house. Now, after 4 months, you are going to enjoy the transit of Jupiter in your favorable 7th house. You are going to get all sorts of benefits and the Jupiter is going to give all kinds of unexpected favors in this transit to you.  7th house is considered as a profitable   and lucky house. . During this time He is going to see by His holy 5th aspect on your 11th house, 7th aspect to your Rasi and 9th aspect on your 3rdhouse.  These three houses will be strengthened, by this transit of Jupiter. Saturn now transits in an unfavorable position, as Ashtama Sani in   your 8th house. at the end end of the year 2017,   Saturn moves to the 9th house. though it is not so favorable,  the untold sufferings of Ashtama Sani, will be reduced a little.

Favorable transit of Jupiter is going to give all kinds of glories like name, fame and wealth will come to you, this year. You will get all well-beings. Your face will shine and your health will improve. Your talent, wisdom and your capabilities so far not known to the world will now come to light. Your words will change into actions. Your status will improve in the society. Some of you will get honorable positions, and respectable posts. You can keep up your promises. So, you will be identified as a trustworthy person. Your mental courage will improve. By investing more capital, you will be ready to take risk.  Your business and profession will improve. Some of you will start new ventures. Thus your income and your financial position will be good. Employees will exhibit their honesty and hard work and win the confidence of their higher authorities. Those who are working in the offices will enjoy a good period. Your talent will be appreciated by your boss. Workload will come down. Your colleagues will be co-operative. Those who are working in other places will be transferred back to their home towns. Some of you can get increase in their salary. You will move with all your relatives, friends and those who are around you affectionately and thus win over their hearts. You will fulfill the needs of your family members at the time of their needs. This attitude will make all your family members love you. Happiness and peace will come to your family.

Students will get higher education and success in all of their efforts. They will score good marks in the examinations. Unemployed persons will get good jobs of their choice.  Unmarried persons will get married to good persons. Childless people will be blessed with a child.  Your children will get proper education and attain improvements in all the walks of their life. They will get good jobs, promotions in their jobs, and salary hike. They will also start new ventures. Some of you will continue the worship of their Family-Deity which was not taken care of so far. Some of you will get responsible posts and responsibilities in the temples. You will get the Dharshans of the Saints and monks and some will proceed on holy-trips. Some will involve themselves in building a temple. All the court cases so far troubling you will come to an end. The judgments will also be in your favor. Those who get punishments and penalties in the lower courts will be relieved of all the charges in the higher courts. Some will buy jewels and new dresses. Things lost by you, will be recovered now. You will get money from the expected corners. You will be recovered from all the diseases which were troubling you so far. Your financial position will improve.  All the waste expenditures will be controlled. The misunderstandings prevailing in the family will disappear. Your parents’ health will be under your care which will be recognized by them kindly. The relationship between the couple will be harmonious. Some will buy new vehicle. Agriculturists will be benefited by good harvest and profit by the cattle. All the medical expenditures will be reduced. The loans given by you to others remaining pending will now come back. Your enemies will fail in their efforts to trouble you. You will get loans easily for your business and building houses. Some will construct houses. The construction process so far stopped due to financial shortage will now be finished. Some will purchase land and house. Relatives will come to your house frequently and enhance the happiness in your family. Some will participate in the feasts and parties.

This year, Saturn transits in  the 9th house of your Rasi .  So far you were experiencing untold sufferings during the previous  transit of ‘Ashtama Shani’. Now, you can have a sigh of relief, as you will get rid of all the serious problems. But his transit will also give unfavorable effects. But problems will not be so hectic, as it was before. You can also enjoy ‘Rajayogam’, during this transit. All your efforts will materialize.  You will have new friendship with women. You should be careful in their dealings. Your money will be wasted. There will be hindrance for good activities. You may have to do ceremonies for your father or anyone equal to him. You may have to experience some sort of sorrow or mental worries. All the unfavorable effects predicted for 8th house, will come for this transit also, but with less seriousness . You will have deceases, accidents and dangers in your life. Ways by which money will come to you will be closed. You will lose some good chances in life. This period, you will be as an unlucky person. Your welfare will be affected. Your mind will aspire for sinful activities. You will have the fear of imprisonment, separation from the family and sufferings from many diseases. So far, you were undergoing the sufferings of ‘Ashtama Sani’ and a lot of family worries and personal sufferings were troubling you so far. Those who were benefitted by you caused bad name and betrayal for you. But you did not care for all those silly things and went on, carrying out your duties. By your patient attitude, you crossed over that unfavorable period and now, you are free from those sufferings. Hereafter, you will lead an upper hand in all the matters. During the period of your ‘Ashtama Sani’, all the efforts taken by you, for the education and marriages of your children were ridiculed by others. But that condition will now change and you will command respect and appreciations from others, for all the steps taken by you.  This transit of Saturn in your 9th house will be the reward for your hard work.

During this transit, students will lose interest in their studies, by your family circumstances and unnecessary imaginations, in this transit of Saturn.  Your inadequate attention in your studies may even lead you to give up your studies. Moreover, your parents, teachers and your relatives may find fault with your behavior. For eradicating these hurdles, transit of Jupiter will help you, in the beginning and in the last phase. However, all your troubles will be reduced by your prayers.

The transit of Saturn in your 9th house, will not affect the politicians much. Your   higher ups will give you powerful posts but when you will be about to enjoy the post, they will snatch it away from you. Those who were benefited by you, will make you  as scapegoats for fulfilling their motives.  This transit of Saturn in the 9th house will not be beneficial to you. The unfavorable transits of other planets will increase your sorrows and sufferings.

Ragu transits in your 4th house. Your mother’s health will be affected. You will have to face loss by your vehicles and cattle. If you are constructing a house, the works will be affected and you cannot finish of the construction work successfully due to the shortage of finance or by the troubles created by your enemies.

Some of you may vacate your house and shift to some other house. Some will sell their own house and shift to a rented house. You will have to undergo outstation- trips, by which you will be tired and your health will be affected. Some of you cannot get stationed jobs and will get jobs of wandering from place to place.

You cannot fulfill the requirements of your family members and your family will face quarrels and confusions. There will not be unity among the family members and there will be hatred and mental worries among them. There is also a danger of poisonous –bites. Students will not have concentration in their studies. They can qualify in the examinations only out of hard work.  They have to change their place either for study-purpose or for job opportunities. The elders in your family will fall in ill. You have to incur medical expenditures.

Instead of spending for important expenditures, you will spend for amusements and feasts. So, you may have to borrow money for the unavoidable expenditures and you may also have to suffer for want of money.

Businessmen may have to suffer by taking wrong decisions and they may have to incur loss in the business. Those who are working in the offices will have overwork. They will not have a nice time with their higher authorities and colleagues.

They will be transferred to undesired places. Some will be placed in Positions which are lower in status.  During this transit, there may be theft in the houses of those whose ‘Dhasabukthi’ is not favorable.

Those who are waiting for foreign jobs will get it. Some will go on foreign tours. Some will involve themselves in social service. They will get permanent properties in future and the transit of Ragu will help for that.

As Ragu aspects your 6th house, your enemies will be weakened. Some will be able to pay back their old loans. But they may also have new loans. You will have the troubles of small ailments like Allergy, and skin deceases, though you may be relieved of from the major deceases. As Ragu aspects your 2nd house, your domestic happiness will be disturbed. You will not have adequate money for your domestic expenditures. Your family will be having a lot of confusion. Your talk with others will also create problems and enmity.

Ketu, by his transit, will give setbacks in your business. Your business will not improve. There will not be adequate money-flow in your hands. Some will give up their business. Those who are working in the offices will think of going on voluntary retirement. Your honesty and social status will be affected in the financial matters. Some will face problems by misusing their powers.

Thus the transit of Ragu and Ketu may not be favorable. But you need not be scared of it, because the transit of Jupiter will be supportive to you giving favorable effects.

Wish you all the best!








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