This Tamil New Year will be an Expenditure-year. You are forced  to spend for all kinds of medical, household, and other important expenses, irrespective of the fact as to whether you have money  with you or not. These are all due to the transit of Jupiter in your ‘Viraya Sthanam’.  Jupiter transits in your 12th house which is otherwise known as ‘Viraya Sthanam’  up to  October 2019 and thereafter in your Jenma Rasi.   Saturn transits in your 12th house up to January 2020  and   in your Jenma Rasi from January 2o20  onwards and thereafter in the second house.

Now we will see the unfavorable effects of the transit of Jupiter.  Your bold nature will disappear now.   Generally when Jupiter transits in the Viraya Sthanam, you will not have mental courage. Often you will feel dullness.  As you lose mental courage you will also feel that you are physically week.  Viraya Guru will reduce your well-beings. You may not take timely food because Jupiter will give you unnecessary wanderings and over work.  You may have back pain, body-pain and other ailments.

As you are in need of ‘money’ always, you may require the help of others. So, you should be friendly with others.  So, you should avoid unnecessary arguments with anybody to avoid quarrels and the troubles thereby.  Your mind will be in a confused state. You may take wrong decisions. If you intrude in the matters of others it will give you trouble. You may also get troubles from your enemies and your competitors. You may have health problems in your gallbladder, liver and eyes. So, if you have the habit of ‘drinking’ and ‘drugs’ you should give up al least for this year. The health of your spouse may also give you some troubles. You should not give room for misunderstandings with your friends. Otherwise your friends will become enemies. Your business will be dull. Your financial transactions may not be good. Those who got loan from you will not repay the dues. But those who lent you money will chase you for repayment. During this period don’t give promises to anybody in the matters of money. You may not keep up the promises. You may not be in a position to fulfill the needs of your family members. Because of this, differences of opinions will come. You may have to put extra efforts to get success in your matters. You may not be in a position to help your friends and relatives who approach you for your help. So, they may mistake you and leave you.

For meeting the abnormal expenditures, you will be searching for the sources of money.  Some may have the troubles of loans. You may not get adequate income for repaying the loans. As Jupiter is otherwise called as ‘Dhana Karagan’ (God of Money), and as he is in the’Viraya Sthanam, you may have to meet all kinds of expenses. Expenses will come to you from all corners and take away the money you have in your hand. Jupiter will not allow you to spend as you plan. The routine expenditures will now come in an excessive way. If you plan for major works it will carry away all of your money. Unable to manage you will destabilize.  You will have to allot money for domestic needs, medical expenditure, educational expenses and what not. Apart from this expenditure of constructing the house and conducting of marriage in a grand manner will also empty your bank balance.  Some of you will spend the money with them and also become poppers.  Some will make foreign tours and spend unlimitedly. You may have to  pledge the jewels or sell them. Thus Jupiter in the 12th place will gill all sorts of financial problems. Loans given by you to others will not come back. You should not also send money through anybody. It will be taken away by them.

Failing to fulfill your ambitions, your mind will always be worrying. Though your children may be in a good position, you may have to suffer to manage the expenditures relating to them. Some of you may find it very difficult to manage the expenditures of the function like marriage. If you give money to anybody in advance for the job opportunity for you or for your son/daughter the matter will not get success besides you may not get back the money. Proposals for marriages may not materialize. There will not be ‘Gurupalam’ when Jupiter transits in the 12th place. But the 12th house, being the cause of expenditures, it may also give ‘Suba Viraya’ expenditures relating to marriage.  There will not be harmonious relationship between the couple, because of their over work. Their mind will be worried because of the financial problems. They will also worry for the inability to acquire the money spent. So, husband and wife will forget to enjoy life in the worries of ‘Money’. Your children will not be in a position to acquire seats of their choice in the colleges, in the normal course. So, you will have to spend money for your children especially for their children. You have to spend money for the educational expenditure for their higher studies and their foreign studies also.  By giving Donations, you have to get the desired seat in the desired college, by giving excessive money. Separation of your children in a foreign country for education or for job and their unemployment of your children may worry you.  .Their failure to help you even though they are in a good position may harass you further.  All these matters will be troubling you.

There are chances for you to be cheated by others.  You should take extra care in spending and safeguarding your money.  You should be very careful while giving loans to others. This time, it may not come back. Entrusting money to anybody and sending money through anybody will make you to worry for you may lose money. You should not also invest money in the new schemes for there is no guarantee and in the fraudulent financial institutions. Race, lotteries will also take away your money.

Salaried persons will not find ways to earn increase in their salaries.  Employed persons will have overwork in the offices. Your boss will not be happy about you. Some of you may be transferred to far-off places; thereby you may have to undergo unwanted expenditure of maintaining double establishments. Your colleagues will give you troubles indirectly. Though you can get money for your needs out of many efforts, you may have to spend an amount more than what you estimate. You will face waste expenditures for your house and vehicle. You may not get the help of your friends for meeting your essential expenditures. Apart from educational expenditures, medical expenditures will also be there. Your father’s health may worry you, necessitating medical expenditures. You may get troubles from the politicians and Govt. officers. Thereby you have to set right things by spending money.  There may be some hindrances and delays in the well-beings of your children. By giving donations you have to get admississons in schools, colleges or for higher studies abroad. You may also forget the worship of your family-goddess. Some problems arise in your ancestral properties forcing you to move to the court wasting your money. Your intelligence will not help now. If you perform the worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy, you may not worry. Your troubles will be reduced to a greater extent. Those who aspire for responsible posts in their political career will have to wait for some more time. Politicians will feel the responsibilities as burden. You will not have the support of the downtrodden and the poor people. Your higher-ups also will not care for you.  You cannot arrange money or benefited by using your authority. You may have to struggle to safeguard your name without being connected with any scam or bribe. Artists also may not have a good time. You may not have a cakewalk. You have to cross so many hurdles though you spend much you cannot achieve anything.  Agriculturists may not be in a position to give wages to the laborers and   for purchasing materials and for carrying out all the works till harvesting.

You should avoid taking risks in the business. Businessmen will have loan problems. Your efforts will be more than what you earn as profit. Students should not rely on luck.  Laziness and dullness will pave way for failure. Put extra effort to reach success. This is not a favorable period for women. They will be blamed for their waste expenditures. All your savings will go, for the expenses of your children. Some will spend money for buying household works without minding what is remaining in your purse and thus you will be bending towards getting loans and installments.):

This year, Saturn transits in your Jenma Rasi up to January 2020 and in your  second house from January 2020.  This is the  first and the last phase of Sade- Sati. during both the transits,  You may have to lose large amount of money by being cheated by others. Your economic condition will be very bad. You may have to struggle with poverty. The health of your wife and children will be spoiled. Your servants will leave you. Your dignity and status will be damaged. You may have to compulsorily leave your family. Some of your enemies will harm you by doing black magic against you. You may invite the anger of your elders. Your eyes will be affected. During this time, you may have another wife also. You will be disappointed by your wife. Major portion of your wealth will be lost. Your descendants will suffer and you will also be troubled because of them. Your body’s shining will diminish. Your courage and strength will be reduced. You may indulge in earning   money selecting the wrong ways. Your authoritative post will go away from you. You will have compulsory transfers to unwanted place.  You will have mental fears, unnecessary quarrels and enmity with your relatives. You will get loans from others for important and unavoidable expenses and for meeting the shortage of money but the loan amount will be washed out in some other unwanted ways.  This is the last phase of Sade-Sate. If you are undergoing Maraka Dhasa   and if there is any life-threat in the horoscope and if nothing happens in the second phase of Sade-Sati, there may be some dangers to your life now. Transit of Saturn in the second place is always unfavorable. Take care of your health. Family problems will arise then and there. Working women will face troubles from the higher authorities, unwanted fear due to wrong approaches by them and problems coming from them which cannot be revealed outside. Jupiter in your 10th house will instigate this. So, think before acting in each and every matter. It is better to avoid sharing anything with others openly. Your words will be mistaken by them and they will, in turn against you. So, move carefully with others. Misunderstandings will develop with your spouse. It will be difficult to earn a good name from your in-laws. Burden of family as well as burden of  office works will increase in  all the matters.

Ragu transits to the 7th house, marriage proposals may suffer some setbacks or they may be delayed. You should take extra care in the health of your spouse. Your spouse may have to suffer due to blood related deceases, poison related deceases and allergy. You will have the friendship of characterless women and their friendship, by giving importance to petty matters. Relationship between the husband and wife will not be so good.

At the same time, your mental strength will increase. You will have the courage of facing any sort of difficulties.  But you will have confusion at the time of taking a decision.

You will have new friends. Among those friends, other-religion people will come to your help. But you should be very careful and should have a deep thought before joining them with you in your business. At the same time when new friends come to you, some of your old friends will leave you.

Partnership business will flourish. New business can also be started. Even if your partners leave you, you can get new partners. You will get unexpected income.  Some will invite changes in their business. You may have to undergo outstation tours. Those who are working in the offices will have all kinds of benefits and happiness. You are likely to be transferred from one place to another

All your financial problems will go away and your speech will bring success. Your talented conversation with others will attract them and bring success as expected by you. Your necessities and your requirements will be fulfilled. All the domestic requirements will be fulfilled. You will please your family members, giving them new clothes and ornaments. You will welcome your relatives and friends and treat them well .they will love you.  You will have unnecessary expenditures for your vehicles. You will have misunderstandings with your brothers and sisters.

Those who are in public life should be extra careful, because you will be severely criticized by others and suffer disrespect.

Ragu will give unexpected income in abundance but at one stage he will take back everything. So, always ensure care and safety measures.

Ketu transits in your Jenma Rasi and his transit will increase your name, fame, talent, skill and what not.  Your social status and popularity will improve. You will evince interest in the spiritual activities. Some may develop interest in the arts of astrology, hypnotism etc., if Ragu-Ketu Dhasa Bukthis are running in your horoscope. You should never resort to ulterior motives. You will learn Astrology and other arts for the sake of learning. If you adopt truth and honesty, you will gain popularity, name and fame.  You can read the minds of others. Your name and fame will be shared by your spouse. You will have a cordial life with your counterpart. You can start new business or an institute in the name of your wife/husband.  You will get assistance from your brothers and sisters. Some will get jobs abroad.

Some will have problems due to shortage of money. You may lose your honesty in the money matters. You should avoid signing as surety to others. The behavior of your children will worry you. Your mind will always be worrying for any matter. . You will have unnecessary fears in your mind. You will have thoughts which are not necessary for the situation.

You should take care of your health. You will have heat related deceases. You may have boils, injuries allergy and skin deceases. You will have some setbacks in your business and thereby develop mental worries. Students, however intelligent they may be, there may be chances in getting diversion from your studies. Your talent may not help you now. You should be careful in all the matters.  You should also be careful while dealing with electricity, weapons and poison. There are also chances of losing your mental strength.  Care is required in all the matters.

Vedic Remedies:

Visit the temple of Dhakshinamurthy Swamy, on Thursdays and pray Him by offering Yellow flowers and a garland of Chenna Dal.  Pray Lord Vinayaga and clean His temple. Worship Goddess Durga on Fridays. Worship Lord Saturn on Saturdys and light the Till-Oil lamps.

God bless for a prosperous New Year!.


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