In this year, Jupiter   transits in the 3rd and 4th houses. Saturn transits in the 5th house, at the beginning of 2020 .

Ragu transits to your 10th house and Ketu transits to your 4th house.

This year you may not expect a favorable period.

Up to  October 2019, Jupiter transits in the third house of your Rasi and afterwards Jupiter transits in the fourth place. During his transit in the 3rd house, there will be hindrances in all your efforts and activities and you cannot complete any of your targets. Your mental courage and boldness will reduce. You will be afraid of taking risks for coming forward. Your own brothers and sisters will oppose you. You should have a concern over your mother’s health. You will meet problems by the relatives of your mother. There is also a chance for your father’s health getting affected. You will also face problems from the Govt. and the higher officers of Govt. You will also face problems from your higher officers. You will have to meet court cases and have to wander from pillar to post for the court cases. The judgments received will be against your interest.

Even after Jupiter’s transit to the 4th house during October 2019, you cannot expect any change unfavorable effects will continue.  Fourth place denotes your ‘Suhasthanam’.  So, He may create some hindrance for your health, good sleep, and timely food etc.Take care of your health. B.P. Sugar, Cloistral related deceases may trouble you. If you worship Lord Ganesa, you will be relieved of the diseases.

This year, Saturn transits in the 4th house up to January 2020  and you are undergoing unfavorable effects.

After January 2020, Saturn transits in the 5 th house of your Rasi  .After January 2020 , When Saturn transits in the 5th house from your Rasi, your children will suffer. Ailing children may even meet their ends. Your mind will be restless and your brain will be imbalanced and you will not be in a position to take decisions. Because of this, you cannot implement some important plans. Some of you may meet with accidents and some parts of your body may be affected. Your cash balance will come down. You may fall in poverty. Some of you may even go to the extent of indulging n some malpractice for your livelihood.  You may have mental worries. You may have to lose your money and things, by the contacts of immoral women. You may have conflicts with others. Some of you may even struggle even for the daily expenses. No permanent plans will materialize. Any of the children may meet with their ends, for some of you. Your relatives may become enemies. You may depart your children and relatives. You may have sorrows and sufferings of your children. So Saturn gives unfavorable effects in all respects.  Your desires can be fulfilled in this transit to some extent, only after crossing major hurdles. Your words will be taken by your family members only after a long period. You can get immovable properties like, house or land belatedly. Those who are working in the offices will get desired transfers and hike in the salary only after much delay. Saturn’s 7th aspect falls on your ‘profit’ house and His 3rd aspect falls on your 7th house. These are all not good. Misunderstandings will come between yourself and your husband. You cannot win the appreciation and confidence of your husband and your in-laws. Likewise the favors expected by you from them will be delayed or refused. Partitioned properties and money cannot be got from them easily. Saturn’s transit in your 5th house will affect the education of your children and their health may also be affected. Saturn’s 10th aspect falls on your second house. Hence arguments and quarrels will come between you and your husband and the happiness in the family will disappear. Thus this transit of Saturn in the 5th house will not be favorable to you.

Ragu transits to your 10th house and Ketu transits to your 4th house. Now we will see the effects of the transit of Ragu and Ketu.

The transit of Ragu in your 10th house will not be favorable to you. There will be changes in your business some of you will give up your old business and start a new business. Some will introduce new techniques and new skills, to set right the defects and the loss in the business. They will try their level best to give a face-lift to their business. Some will have to move from one place to the other on account of their business. Whatever may be the new techniques you introduce in your business you cannot expect growth in the business. Those who were not having a business of their own will now start a new business. Some will construct buildings for starting a new business.  You may have to go on outstation tours on account of your business very often. By this, you will have to suffer from tiredness, loss of good sleep and timely food. Some of you will get loans for promoting their business. Some of you will get sudden income unexpectedly. However there will be reduction in the income. There will be financial problems continuously. There will be interference of third persons in all your efforts. This will give you annoyance and mental worries. In spite of your hard work applying your intelligence, you cannot expect growth which may commensurate with your hard work.

You will have enmity and difference of opinions with your brothers. You will have unnecessary arguments and quarrels with your younger brothers. You will have unnecessary expenditures and troubles with regard to your house and lands. Those who are dealing with the business of chemical products, fertilizers, real estate and medicines will have a tough time. Those who are dealing with fake medicines will be imprisoned. Your mental courage will come down. You will be afraid of the problems standing before you. . Old-age person in your family will fall in sick bed. You may witness a sorrowful incident in your family.

Ragu aspects your 3rd and the 12th house. By these aspects, you may face unnecessary quarrels with others. Some will have to wander here and there for the court cases. You may have disagreements with those in your business organizations and meet problems there. Those who are working in the Govt. offices will be transferred to other places and they will have their jobs also changed.  Chances are there for your higher authorities to give you troubles and problems, without having proper understanding on you.  You may not get favorable judgments in your court cases, now. Unnecessary expenditures will increase. You will have sleepless nights. Your travels will increase but you cannot be benefited out of them. You may get new friends and they will be helpful to you. Some of your relatives will help you. You will have gradual income in your business. Relationship with your spouse will be good.

Now we will see the effects of the transit of Ketu in your 4th house. This transit may not be favorable. Your mother’s health may be affected.  You may have misunderstandings and enmity with your mother and the relatives of your mother. Some of you may become responsible for the anger and curse of the Saints and the Holy men. If you show your anger and impatience with your family members, there may be confusions and quarrels in your family. Your business will have a setback. One of your laborers who worked in your organization will start a business and give a tight competition to you. This will affect your business very badly.

Those who are working in the Govt. offices will be affected badly. Files in your custody may be missing and the money entrusted to you will be stolen before crediting in the bank. By this, your name will be damaged in your office. You will be penalized by your higher authorities and some of you may even be poisoned. Things in your house may be stolen when you go out of station

Your health may be affected and you may incur medical expenses. You will have difference of opinions with your relatives and misunderstandings with your family members. Those who do not maintain patience may have to leave their family. You have to adjust with your neighbors. Otherwise you will have to quarrel daily with them. You will have unnecessary expenditures for your vehicles. The construction works of some of you   may come to a halt. You may have to meet unnecessary expenditures and loss in the matters of your house and lands. Agriculturists will meet with loss with the cattle. Some will lose their properties and shift to other towns. Some will become slaves to bad habits.

Ketu aspects your 6th and 2nd houses. By this, your status will come down. You will have financial setbacks. Your angry words will invite troubles .you will not be patient. You may have to struggle to maintain your honesty.  Some will have the troubles of loans. Your enemies will also give troubles to you. The health of your parents may be affected.  Medical expenditures will increase. Unnecessary expenditures will increase. Progress will be affected. You will face decrease in income, unnecessary wanderings, bad name, and financial shortage.  Your status may go down.  Loans will give you mental worries.  You will also fall in worries about your family. You will have good relationship with your

Ragu’s 9th house transit gives you favorable benefits. Your father’s health will improve. You will get benefits from your father and the relatives of father’s side. Your business will

.Vedic Remedies:

Worship Lord Vinayaga and render service to His temple. Transit of Ragu is not good. Worship Goddess Durga on Fridays. Transit of Saturn is not favorable. Worship Lord Saneeswaran on Saturdays, by lighting the lamp of Til -Oil.. Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy, on Thursdays by garlanding Him with Chenna Dal.

Wish you a happy new year!


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