It is believed that the alternative for rice is ragi only.  We can cook all varieties which are cooked with rice. Basically ragi is enriched with carbohydrates.  Ragi contains 3 times of calcium more than milk.  Calcium is also more in ragi, than other grains including wheat. It contains 10 times more calcium than in rice and 4 times more iron. Moreover ragi doesn’t need water, fertilizer and insecticide required for rice. There are varieties of ragi like white ragi,   black ragi, nagamalai-ragi, 3 month;s ragi. When milk and rice help the body to grow but ragi helps to reduce the body.

Ragi is an important food for the growing children, menopause women and lactating women. Ragi is cheaper.  The amino-acid called as mithiyanyn in ragi controls ageing and for maintaining the beauty of skin, nail and the hair. Further the protein in it drives away the fat in the liver.  Ragi is good for masculinity.

If you include ragi in your food, medical expenses will come down.  Intimacy will grow between the couple. Youthfulness will increase.


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