A healthy person sitting and talking casually, in front of us, suddenly falls down and having jolts and pulling in his body and foams coming out of his mouth and this disease is known as  ‘Fits’

  • Important reason for ‘fits’ is known as sleeplessness. While we sleep, blood circulation for the brain normally takes place and the oxygen required for the brain and the cells is available. Generally when metabolism takes place, carbon wastes come out. To release it totally from the cells, each cell requires oxygen.
  • That is why it is felt that a good sleep is necessary. 8 hours’ sleep is necessary for everyone. When this is reduced, there is chance for getting ‘fits’.
  • When powerful light rays falls on the face and when you see the sun directly and due to heavy sounds, ‘fits’ come.
  •  There are 8.60 crores of Neuron cells in the brain. There is link between the cells.  Between them, an exchange known as ‘Electrical Impulse’ takes place. At this stage, the excess pressure known as ‘excessive neurons discharge’ becomes the reason for the ‘fits’.
  •  Moreover, toxin becomes excess due to the problem of constipation and ‘fits’ comes.
  •  There are many kinds of epilepsies.    There are Tonik,closik and seizur, which comes very often. Among these, Tonik causes a kind of stiffness in the body. Clonik shakes the body very speedily. Seizur causes unconsciousness. Mostly, it comes in the School-age. Even if you take medicine for 4 or 5 years, there are chances for this disease to come again. But if there is adequate oxygen-supply to the brain, there are chances for this disease to be cured.
  •  Those who are having this disease should not take ice-water. While taking ice-water, the nerves of the body shrinks.
  •  Doing breathing exercises and skipping rope in the airy and ventilated places. These exercises take oxygen inside.
  •  Our body requires air 15,000 liters, per day. Breathing exercise is compulsory. We can surely say , if oxygen goes to all parts of the body, there will not be any disease.



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