memory loss

Sometimes, we search in the bag, without knowing what is to search. Though we remember the names of some people, we forget their faces. Such sudden memory loss comes to all. So, we need not worry about it.

It is not important about the memory loss about where we kept the cycle-key; but it is dangerous to forget about it, even when keeping it in our hands, without knowing about for what the key pertains to.

While the  disease of serious memory loss  known as ‘Alzheimer’ attacks, it would not be possible to identify those who are with u in our house. Many kinds of memories are loosed and, you may be left in a state in which you may not live a normal life.

In the recent days, researches are made about brain ’and‘memory losses.  Memory loss affects due to the various reasons like stress, flustered, loss of sleep. Like wrinkles come on the skin due to aging, many changes occur in the brain. As a continuous process, due to aging, more time is required to learn new matters.  While days are passing on, memories diminish and disappear.  This is due to the reason of aging.




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