The under mentioned steps may be taken as remedies..

  1. Take 1 cup of mustard oil and mix it with 4 cups of henna leaves. Boil this composition, filter it and fill up in a bottle. Massage your hair with that oil. Your hair will become healthy.
  2. Prepare a natural shampoo with curd, 1 spoon of lemon juice and green gram- powder and apply your hair and wash it after 5 minutes. Your hair will nourish.
  3.  Drink daily 1 cup of the juice of Trigonella. This will avoid hair-falling.
  4. Wash your hair by applying the juice of coriander leaves.
  5. Boil one handful of neem leaves and wash your hair with that boiled water the next day.
  6.  Grind fenugreek and soak the powder in the coconut oil for 1 week. Apply the oil in your hair daily.
  7.  If you eat gooseberries daily, young fox will go.
  8. Boil curry leaves with coconut oil and apply the hair. Your hair will grow.
  9. Coconut milk increases the growth of hair and prevents the dryness of the hair. So, apply coconut milk on the hair, allow it t for 20 minutes and take bath. Hair will become soft.
  10.   Apply the gel of Aloe Vera on the head twice a week. Hair will grow.
  11.  For avoiding dandruff, mix pepper powder in the milk and apply on the scalp and allow it there for 1 hour and then take bath. Problems of dandruff will go and dryness of the hair will also be removed.
  12.  Heat any oil in the minimum heat and apply and massage on the head. Allow it for 1 hour and then take bath.
  13. The juices of garlic ginger and onion may be applied on the head before going to bed and bath taken in the morning. Hair will grow.


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