Weapons Manufacturing Industry in Kanpur, functioning under the Central Defense Ministry has recently manufactured a Rifle specially designed for women. After The Delhi-Rape incident, this Govt. organization has felt the importance and necessity of a rifle for the self-defense of women.

After the shocking incident of Delhi, so many modifications in the existing laws have been made and new enactments have also been made, for the security of women. But it is equally important that they should be able to withstand the attacks of the social enemies, by themselves, without waiting for others to come and save them. So, the Kanpur Defense industry has released its first manufacture of this type of rifle. This rifle is called as ‘Nirbeek’. It is named after ‘Nirbaya’, who was the victim of the Delhi-Incident. The meaning would be ‘No Fear’. It has been framed with special technology for women. The Kanpur-Industry is proudly announcing that the special rifle is the first invention in the world.

This ‘Nirbeek’ rifles are having less weight of 500gms. Women can keep it in their handbag or even in their ‘money-purse’. This has been made in metal with wooden handle. You can fill up 6 bullets at a time. You can shoot up to a distance of 5o feet. The cost of this rifle is Rs. 1 lakh and 22 thousands. There is a great reception for these rifle amomng women. Within a short period after the introduction, sale is in the encouraging trend. There is demand for this, even in the international level.

Only those who are 21 years of age and above can apply for the license. They should also give an undertaking that the rifle will not be used against ‘law’. After enquiries by the Police and the Income –tax authorities and the due medical verification, granting of license will be examined. If the applicant has any criminal background, the application will be rejected. The license should also be renewed at frequent intervals. If it is not renewed, it will be considered as illegal and the licensee is liable for punishment.

Though there is increasing reception for this rifle, there is opposition also for this.  Many democratic social organizations raise their voice against this, telling that the Security of women itself would be in danger, because the very fact that they are in possession of this rifle. This cannot be a solution for the sexual harassment. Rifle is, no doubt, a weapon of violence. In many places, taking rifles is prohibited. You cannot keep it always in your hands. You can keep it safely only in your cupboard. So, how can it be always useful for women?

Some women can also use it as weapon for taking vengeance on their enemies. So, it cannot be considered as safe. So, all kinds of precautions are necessary, in this case. Like this, many democratic Social organizations are arguing like this against the release of this rifle.

Three women have bought this rifle on the date of release, itself. They are Mrs. Geetha, wife of the Senior IPS Officer, (Luck now), Kalpana Pande (Parapanki) who has a political background and Mrs. Seema Karpanda, Housewife (New Delhi).


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