1. 60 crores cells die and new cells are born.
  2. If brain-transplantation-operation is done, he transforms into another man.
  3. Tears are produced from the glands above the eyes.
  4. Hairs   grow from 2 to 4 years. After that it falls down, without any growth. New hair grows after that.  Hair grows 114 cms in a month.
  5. 54 muscles have to work for lifting one step.
  6. Up to 70 years of age, heart beats 250 crores times. It pumps 18,000 liter blood, per day.
  7.  Nervous system sends 6 lakhs messages to brain for a minute.
  8.  Thai-bone is the longest bone.
  9.  The speed of thinking per minute is measured as 500 words per minute and speed of speaking 100 words.
  10.  Though brain tells the pain of other organs, it cannot feel its pain.
  11.  It sweats to men more than women.
  12.  Body requires 10 vitamins   for living.
  13.  Skull grows up to 80 years of age.
  14. Human-faces can be varied into 520 varieties.
  15.  The average length of the tongue is 10 cm.
  16.  Breathing air is required as 9 liters per minute while lying down, 18 liters while sitting and 27 liters, while walking.
  17.  There are more than 10 lacs of filters in the kidneys these are affected by pickles, salted-dry fish and alcohol.
  18.  The brain of men is bigger than that of women.
  19.  The biggest   organ is ‘skin’.
  20. The weight of the head is 3,175 kg.
  21.  The 100 crores of Neurons are derived from 4 years of age.
  22.  For holding an object tightly, three muscles in the thumb play a major role.
  23. The folding in the brain only decides the sharpness of the brain.  The blood in the body comes out forcibly for a distance of 30 feet.
  24. New born baby can recognize only black and white colors and not any other colors.
  25. At the time of birth, our body has 300 bones. While growing 94 bones join with other bones, totaling to 206.
  26. Eye brows close and open for once in 6 seconds and 25 crores times in the life span.
  27. Both the hands, legs, ears and eyes have different measurements.
  28. After death, muscles function for 1 hour, kidneys 6 hours digestive organs for 24 hours, eye and ears for 6 hours and bones for 4 days and    the skin for 5 days.


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