There is a proverb that sesame suits to a lean man and horse gram suits to a bulky man.

Uses of sesame:

  1. If you take it, it removes tiredness and keeps you afresh.
  2. It gives clarity to the brain and induces the hunger.
  3.  It reduces the pain arising out of gastric trouble.
  4. It removes the pain in the uterus of women.
  5.  If you chew the seeds of sesame, the defects in the teeth and the gum will be cured.
  6.  Sesame mixed food is useful for  diabetic patients, women who suffer  due to pain during menstrual troubles
  7.  You can eat sesame duly powdered and mixed with rice and jingly oil.
  8.  You can extract jingly oil if you grind it in the expeller. If you apply jangly oil on the skin and massage, it infiltrates into the body and expels the sweating regularly.
  9.  It eliminates unnecessary wastes from the muscles
  10.  If you jingly oil-bath, it strengthens muscles, softens the skin, strength to the pedicle and blackens the hair.

Now we can analyze about the horse gram:

  1. If you   prepare porridge out of horse gram and drink it cures cold, breathing trouble and bloat.  It digests food easily. Body heat will increase.
  2.  Powder the horse gram, add sour butter milk and heat, mix it and apply on the body, cholesterol will be diluted.   Body will become lean
  3.  It can be used as an applying medicine for outside the body.


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