·         Chew one glove and add Bengal gram flour and a little salt and clean the teeth. Your mouth will have a good smell and the Viscosity will go away from the mouth.

  • Eat raw cabbage for getting shining teeth.


  • If the teeth are yellowish, brush the teeth with spinach ( வல்லாரைக் கீரை) .The yellow color will go.


  •  Make out small pieces of the lemon. Take the pieces one by one, and brush the teeth. The stains will go.


  • Gargle the lemon water mixed with salt in all parts of the mouth. The stains in the teeth ill go and the mouth odor will also go.
  • If you have teeth-ache, put dry ginger in the mouth and keep it in the side of the pain.
  • Boil the garlic and mix with equal quantity of warm water and gargle. Your gums will be strengthened and the teeth will become strong.
  • You can take calcium tablets for getting strong teeth.  Take 4 dates, cut them into pieces after removing the nuts and soak them for a few hours in the water till they are drowned. If you eat them even the shaking teeth will become strong.  Tea, coffee, smoking ad loly-pops will affect the teeth.
  •  Consult the dentist once in 6 months. Remove the blocs over the enamel in the teeth and the tartar in the interfurca of the teeth. It will strengthen the teeth.


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