This Snyp-bird has a long beak. This is too shy. These are widely seen in the wet and wet-sandy grounds. They live behind the plants and shrubs. They are seen in Europe, North Korea America, South Africa and East Africa.  Because they are shy, they cannot be identified behind the plants, because they used to hide. They have brass-colored wings and white and black colored thick skin, which help them to hide them from other living beings. They eat earthworms and the creatures without backbone living in the wet-ground.  Though they are shy, they come out in the open space in the spring season. At that time they exhibit very beautiful and eye-catching scenes.  They fly and go round in great heights towards sky in high speed and come down in 40-45 degree angles to the ground. While coming down, it gives a sound like drumming. That sound can be heard at a distance of 1 km.


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