•  20% of the oxygen derived by breath is taken only by the brain and the rest by the other organs. i.e. the brain is only 2% of our body but it takes 20% of the oxygen.  If there is no oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes, brain cells will start dying.
  •  When we are 11 years, our brain gets full growth.  However, when we are 20 years, it helps for creative thinking. When we grow to 35 years, 7000 brain cells in our body dye.  Those cells do not grow again.
  •  We cannot tickle ourselves. One part of the brain known as cerebellum will warn the other parts that we are tickling ourselves and therefore other parts of the brain will ignore it.
  • Brain contains 80% water.  Brain is brisk at nights and its thinking power is more at that time.
  •  Over stress will reduce the memory power and the learning power
  • Out of the total blood of the body, 20% is required for the brain only.
  •  The pain of the brain cannot be felt by itself. The brain has no connection for that. That is why the patient will keep awakening, while the brain gets operated.
  • Brain is very soft. It can be cut with the knife  cutting butter
  • News coming from the brain crosses in between the neutrons @ a speed of 1/1000 of one second.
  • Each time when we want to remind the news and the events which we want to think will be saved jointly by 2 more cells. When we keep awakening, the quantity of the electricity produced by the brain is 20 watts. One bulb can be lighted by this.
  • There are more chances for blood clotting, when we play in the roller coaster.

Actions affecting the brain;

  • Starving in the morning: There will be less glucose in the blood for those who do not take food in the morning, there will be less glucose in the blood. These cannot give the required energy and the required nourishments and thus become the cause for the destruction of the brain cells.     Eating more will become the reason for the tightening of the blood vessels of the brain and the reduction of energy.
  • Smoking: smoking becomes a cause for shrinking of the brain and for the ‘Alzheimer’ disease.
  • Eating more sweets: eating of more sweets prevents our body getting protein. This affects the growth of the brain.
  • Air- pollution; breathing of polluted air, prevents to get necessary oxygen. If oxygen doesn’t go to the brain, brain will be affected.
  •  Sleeplessness should not be there: good sleep gives rest to the brain. Remaining without sleep for a long time causes brain to be affected for a long period.
  •  Closing the neck with the head and sleeping:  carbon-dy-oxide increases within the blanket. This reduces breathing of oxygen. Inadequate oxygen affects brain.
  • Giving work to the brain during the sick period: giving more work to the brain, when you are sick and studying deeply affects the brain.

It is necessary to undergo the thoughts giving more work to the brain. As you develop thoughts using the brain more, new kinds of links come to the brain.  Thus, brain becomes a strong organ and you can become very intelligent. Maintaining silence and undergoing skilful conversations increases the strength of the brain.


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