One plant known as ‘Stevie known as Sugar Basil grows for Diabetes.

Which is also called as ‘Sugar Basil’ has come for the rescue of diabetes. You can grow this plant in houses in the pots. It stars giving benefits in 3 months. There are carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium and vitamins in the sugar basil leaves. This is a blessing for diabetes. The stem and the leaves have the taste of sweetness. It is enough, if you add 4 or 5 leaves in coffee and tea. It would be tastier than sugar.

Tablets, oil and variety of sweets are prepared from these leaves. This can be used by mixing with soda. Japan people use this powder for curing the stomach disorders this sugar basil becomes popular in the world. South America is its birth place. Its botanical name is ‘Stevie Ripodayana’. It has ‘0’ calories. It grows abundantly in the countries like Baraguve and Brazil. This was first introduced in the Maharashtra State,. This plant grows with 3’ height. Sand mixed clay is suitable for this plant

Ripe leaves can be dried up for 8 hours in the hot sun and packed in bottles. One plant gives benefit for 5 years. You can harvest these leaves once in 3 months. Sweets prepared out of these leaves like ice cream, chocolate and halva are sold popularly.

You need not allot more space for growing this. A small place in the Balcony will do.  It will reduce your medical bill in 3 months.





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