Subha Horai – Tamil Graha Horai timings 2012

Subha Horai Chart 2012


Nava graha horai timings

Nava graha horai timings




What is a subha HORAI :

There are 7 Grahas (Suriyan, Chandran, Kuja (sevvai), Budhan, Guru, Sukra, and Sani. There are 7 Horais named after these Grahas. Each Horai will last for ONE HOUR. These 7 Horais will occur DAILY on a cyclic basis, one Horai for one hour. The Chaya shadow planets Rahu and Kethu are not included for calculation of subha horai.

The order in which the seven Horais occur is ==> Suriyan, Sukra, Budh, Chandran, Sani, Guru, Kuja.

On a Sunday, SURIYA Horai will occur first at the sunrise. It will last for one hour. Then Sukra Horai will follow for one hour. And so on.

On a Monday, the first Horai at sunrise will be CHANDRA Horai (the weekday’s Graham); it will be followed by Sani Horai, then Guru, Kuja — as per the order above.

That is, the first Horai of the day will be the weekday’s own Graham. Then the order above will be followed. On a Wednesday, the Horais will be BUDH , Chandran , Sani , Guru , Kuja , Suriya, Sukran. After 7 hours this same order will repeated

Of the 7 Grahas, CHANDRAN, BUDH, GURU, SUKRA are considered to be Good Grahas (Benevolent and auspicious); their Horais also considered GOOD and auspicious periods.

SURYA, SEVVAI (Kuja), SANI are considered BAD, inauspicious Grahas (Malefic) – their Horais also are BAD. Avoid these periods for any auspicious events.

we can follow the auspicious timings and can succeed in our life

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