ants in Q

  • Some wounds are cured by medicines and some wounds are cured if you forget them.
  • If poverty comes, don’t worry and if wealth comes don’t be extravagant.
  • Sweating drops may be saltiest but they bring sweetness to your life.
  • Braver does not die but    coward does not live.
  •  Keep carving yourself; if you succeed, you will get a statue; if failed, you become a sculptor. Man knows ‘abcd, but doesn’t know to go in a queue. Ants do not know ‘abcd’ but knows to go in queue.
  • Truth is always spoken shortly; but lies are spoken in detail.
  • It is not true that people cheat us by speaking to us. But it   is true that we are cheated in their speech.
  • One who seeks faults within him gets cleared; but one who seeks the faults in others gets   stigma
  • If have duty or if you have affection, it is worth only if you repay.
  • Importance among the relatives is decided by the money which is not a living thing.
  •  If you give money, relatives will praise; if you try to get it back they will defame you.
  • There is a place in the house even to the torn slipper; but there is no place for the dead body in the house.

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