Jupiter transit in Pisces 2022: Devguru Jupiter’s zodiac change will take place on April 13 at 4:57 pm. After 12 years, the planet Jupiter will enter its own zodiac sign Pisces. Along with transiting in Pisces on April 13, Jupiter will retrograde again on July 29. Let us tell you how this will affect your zodiac sign.

Now we will see the transitional aspects of Jupiter, this year

This year you will have a nice time. Jupiter transits to your 7th house. So far, you suffered due to mental agony, due to the transit of Jupiter in the 6th house. Now you are going to enjoy the transit of Jupiter in your favorable 7th house. You are going to get all sorts of benefits and the Jupiter is going to give all kinds of unexpected favors in this transit to you. 7th house is considered as a profitable and lucky house. . During this time He is going to see by His holy 5th aspect on your 11th house, 7th aspect to your Rasi and 9th aspect on your 3rd house. These three houses will be strengthened, by this transit of Jupiter. Though Saturn’s transit is unfavorable, this Jupiter’s transit will keep all of the unlucky happenings under control.

All kinds of glories like name, fame and wealth will come to you. You will get all well-beings. Your face will shine and your health will improve. Your talent, wisdom and your capabilities so far not known to the world will now come to light. Your words will change into actions. Your status will improve in the society. Some of you will get honorable positions, and respectable posts. You can keep up your promises. So, you will be identified as a trustworthy person.

Your mental courage will improve. By investing more capital, you will be ready to take risk. Your business and profession will improve. Some of you will start new ventures. Thus your income and your financial position will be good.

Employees will exhibit their honesty and hard work and win the confidence of your higher authorities. Those who are working in the offices will enjoy a good period. Your talent will be appreciated by your boss. Workload will come down. Your colleagues will be co-operative. Those who are working in other places will be transferred back to their home towns. Some of you can get increase in their salary.

Your financial position will be sound. So, you will buy the desired products for your relatives. So, all your relatives will be affectionate towards you. You will move with all your relatives, friends and those who are around you affectionately and thus win over their hearts. You will fulfill the needs of your family members at the time of their needs. This attitude will make all your family members love you. Happiness and peace will come to your family.

By putting hard work, students perform well in the examinations. Students will get higher education and success in all of their efforts. They will score good marks in the examinations. Unemployed persons will get good jobs of their choice.

There will be ‘Gurupalam’ for you now in this transit. Unmarried persons will get married to good persons. All the misunderstandings between the husband and wife will go and they will lead a happy life and the happiness in the family will be maintained. Childless people will be blessed with a child. Your children will get proper education and attain improvements in all the walks of their life. They will get good jobs, promotions in their jobs, and salary hike. They will also start new ventures.

You will improve your social status by helping those who are in need of help. Some of you will continue the worship of their Family-Deity which was not taken care of so far. Some of you will get responsible posts and responsibilities in the temples. You will get the Dharshans of the Saints and monks and some will proceed on holy-trips. Some will involve themselves in building a temple.

Your enemies will be afraid of you and they will run away, admitting their failure. All the court cases so far troubling you will come to an end. The judgments will also be in your favor. Those who get punishments and penalties in the lower courts will be relieved of all the charges in the higher courts.

You will spend money for beautifying yourself by buying cosmetic and perfumes. Some will buy jewels and new dresses. Things lost by you, will be recovered now.

Your attempts for success will succeed. You will get loans for enlarging your business. You will get money from the expected corners. Your business plans will materialize.

You will be recovered from all the diseases which were troubling you so far. Your financial position will improve. All the waste expenditures will be controlled. The misunderstandings prevailing in the family will disappear. Your parents’ health will be under your care which will be recognized by them kindly. The relationship between the couple will be harmonious. Some will buy new vehicle. Agriculturists will be benefited by good harvest and profit by the cattle. All the medical expenditures will be reduced. The loans given by you to others remaining pending will now come back. Your enemies will fail in their efforts to trouble you.

You will get loans easily for building houses. Some will construct houses. The construction process so far stopped due to financial shortage will now be finished. Some will purchase land and house. Relatives will come to your house frequently and enhance the happiness in your family. Some will participate in the feasts and parties. You will succeed in all your efforts and activities. All the problems so far troubling you will be solved.

Now, we will take into account of the holy aspects of the Jupiter. One of its holy aspects falls on your Rasi. By this aspect, your efforts and growth will increase. Your stamina and confidence will improve. You will be respected by all. Another holy aspect falls on 3rd house. This will increase courage, power of withstanding anything. Your sisters and brothers will be positioned well. Another aspect falls on your 11th place i.e. ‘Place of profit’. By this aspect, you will get income from your main business and some extra income from some other miscellaneous efforts.

Women will have a happy time. They will get good alliance. They will get married to the desired. They will get good name in the family and also in the office.

Jupiter’s retrogression::

Jupiter becomes Retrograde On July 29, 2022, Friday at 02:07 AM Jupiter becomes Progressive On November 16, 2022,
Jupiter is the Lord of the fifth and eighth houses for the zodiac sign Simmam Due to this, Jupiter Transit 2021 is expected to bring some ups and downs in your life.

Remedy: Feed chickpeas to a brown-coloured cow.

Jupiter will be turning Retrograde in your 6th house. The planet Jupiter is the ruler of wisdom, generosity, kindness and during the retrogression phase, it gives mixed results. The Jupiter Retrograde can create adverse effects in the fields of education, finance, philosophy and spirituality. Moreover, there may be blocks in fortune and our intuition may not work as effectively as it would during a normal phase. You will also have to keep a control on your expenses. These are just some of the general indications. This will be an intense period for your interior modification, both physically and psychologically, hence you might find yourself coming closer to your dreams now. Try to be more focused as your willpower and determination at work might get tested. Thus, the Guru Retrograde 2018 seems to be a little dicey for you. You might feel that things are getting out of your control. You will stay more engrossed in your routine life. Health will require attention during this phase. Hence it is advisable to keep control on your eating habits and be extra careful about your daily diet chart.

Retrograde condition of Jupiter also indicates that the health is being neglected. Some secret disease may crop up. Perhaps unwise dietary measures, poor discrimination in work habits, brought about health problems in your case. Other worries will compound your stress. You may not be able to enjoy the respect of those around you, those you worked with, or those who worked under you. The lesson of the retrograde Jupiter in the 6th house shows the need for great care in health matters, the need to set up good relationships with people in general and to be able to identify with public opinion and to be of service wherever possible, without any desire or return.

Vedic Remedies:

Worship the Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and offer a garland of Chenna Dal and yellow flowers. Visit one of the temples of Lord Dhakshinamurthy Periodically. Saturn’s transit is also not favorable. So, visit the temple of Lord Saneeswaran and light the Til-Oil lamps. All your worries will go away.

Wish you all the best!

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