guru peyarchi palan jupiter transit

guru peyarchi palan jupiter transit



Jupiter Transit 2021 Durations

Jupiter will enter the sign of Capricorn on November 20, 2020, Friday at 02:55 PM In the year 2021, Jupiter will move to enter the zodiac sign Aquarius from its position in Capricorn on Tuesday, 6 April, at 6:01 pm. After that, it will become retrograde, from June 20, 2021, Sunday at 08:35 PM and then once again enter Capricorn on Wednesday, 15 September, at 4:22 am .It will become progressive on October 18, 2021, Monday at 11.00 AM.

Jupiter transits in your 12th house i.e. ‘Viraya Sthanam’. Generally when Jupiter transits in the Viraya Sthanam, you will not have mental courage. Often you will feel dullness.  As you lose mental courage you will also feel that you are physically week.  Viraya Guru will reduce your well-beings. You may not take timely food because Jupiter will give you unnecessary wanderings and over work.  You may have back pain, body-pain etc.

You should avoid unnecessary arguments with anybody to avoid quarrels and the troubles thereby.  Your mind will be in a confused state. You may take wrong decisions. If you intrude in the matters of others it will give you trouble. You may also get troubles from your enemies and your competitors. You may have health problems in your stomach and lungs.  So, if you have the habit of ‘drinking’ and ‘smoking’ you should give up al least for this year. The health of your spouse may also give you some troubles. You should not give room for misunderstandings with your friends. Otherwise your friends will become enemies. Your business will be dull. Your financial transactions may not be good. Those who got loan from you will not repay the dues. But those who lent you money will chase you for repayment. During this period don’t give promises to anybody in the matters of money. You may not keep up the promises. You may not be in a position to fulfill the needs of your family members. Because of this, differences of opinions will come. You may have to put extra efforts to get success in your matters. You may not be in a position to help your friends and relatives who approach you for your help. So, they may mistake you and leave you.

Some may have the troubles of loans. You may not get adequate income for repaying the loans. As Jupiter is otherwise called as ‘Dhana Karagan’ (God of Money), and as he is in the ‘Viraya Sthanam’, you may have to meet all kinds of unwanted expenses. Expenses will come to you from all corners and take away the money you have in your hand. Jupiter will not allow you to spend as you plan. The routine expenditures will now come in an excessive way. If you plan for major works it will carry away all of your money. Unable to manage you will destabilize.  You will have to allot money for domestic needs, medical expenditure, educational expenses and what not. Apart from this expenditure of constructing the house and conducting of marriage in a grand manner will also empty your bank balance.  Some of you will spend the money with them and also become poppers.  Some will make foreign tours and spend unlimitedly. You may have pledge the jewels or sell them. Thus Jupiter in the 12th place will gill all sorts of financial problems. Loans given by you to others will not come back. You should not also send money through anybody. It will be taken away by them.

Your mind will always be worrying about ‘money’. Though your children may be in a good position, you may have to suffer to manage the expenditures relating to them. Some of you may find it very difficult to manage the expenditures of the function like marriage. If you give money to anybody in advance for the job opportunity for you or for your son/daughter the matter will not get success besides you may not get back the money. You are also likely to be involved in the case of bribery.

There will not be ‘Gurupalam’ when Jupiter transits in the 12th place. But the 12th house, being the cause of expenditures, it may also give ‘Suba Viraya’ expenditures relating to marriage.  There will not be harmonious relationship between the couple, because of their over work. Their mind will be worried because of the financial problems. They will also worry for the inability to acquire the money spent. So, husband and wife will forget to enjoy life in the worries of ‘Money’.

In the same way, you will have to spend money for your children.  You have to spend money for the educational expenditure for their higher studies and their foreign studies also.  By giving Donations, you have to get the desired seat in the desired college, by giving excessive money. Separation of your children in a foreign country for education or for job, unemployment of your children, their failure to help you even though they are in a good position – all these matters will be troubling you.

You should take extra care in spending and safeguarding your money.  You should be very careful while giving loans to others. This time, it may not come back. Entrusting money to anybody and sending money through anybody will make you to worry for you may lose money. You should not also invest money in the new schemes for there is no guarantee and in the fraudulent financial institutions. Race, lotteries will also take away your money.

Employed persons will have overwork in the offices. Your boss will not be happy about you. Some of you may be transferred to far-off places; thereby you may have to undergo unwanted expenditure of maintaining double establishments. Your colleagues will give you troubles indirectly. Though you can get money for your needs out of many efforts, you may have to spend an amount more than what you estimate. You will face waste expenditures for your house and vehicle. You may not get the help of your friends for meeting your essential expenditures.

Your father’s health may worry you, necessitating medical expenditures. You may get troubles from the politicians and Govt. officers thereby you have to set right things by spending money.  There may be some hindrances and delays in the well-beings of your children. By giving donations you have to get admitions in schools, colleges or for higher studies abroad. You may also forget the worship of your family-goddess. Some problems arise in your ancestral properties forcing you to move to the court wasting your money. Your intelligence will not help now. If you perform the worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy, you may not worry. Your troubles will be reduced to a greater extent.

Politicians will feel the responsibilities as burden. You will not have the support of the downtrodden and the poor people. Your higher-ups also will not care for you.  You cannot arrange money or benefited by using your authority. You may have to struggle to safeguard your name without being connected with any scam or bribe.

Artists also may not have a good time. You may not have a cakewalk. You have to cross so many hurdles though you spend much you cannot achieve anything.  Agriculturists may not be in a position to give wages to the laborers and   for purchasing materials and for carrying out all the works till harvesting.

Businessmen will have loan problems. Your efforts will be more than what you earn as profit. Students should not rely on luck.  Laziness and dullness will pave way for failure. Put extra effort to reach success.

Women will be blamed for their waste expenditures. All your savings will go, for the expenses of your children. Some will spend money for buying household works without minding what is remaining in your purse and thus you will be bending towards getting loans and installments

Jupiter’s Holy Aspects:

Jupiter’s transit to your 12th place, aspects by his 3 holy looks. One of His holy looks aspects to your 4th place.  By this aspect your education will improve. Your talents will develop. Your mother’s health will improve. Your health will also improve. Your movements with your relatives, friends and your movements with the society will bring happiness. You will develop your house gardens and some other properties.  You will spend more and enhance your basic facilities.  Jupiter’s another two holy aspects fall on 6th house and 8th house. By these holy looks you can get treatment to your diseases and settle your loan problems, enmity, competitions and court cases. Thus the unfavorable effects will come down.

Women will tackle all the family problems and earn a good name. Working women will have more workload and responsibilities.


During the Jupiter Retrograde, your luck will be smiling on you. You will be focused on achieving your ambitions and the Jupiter Retrogression will help you in your pursuits. This transit will be especially favorable for you, if you have Jupiter Retrograde in your Birth Chart. The Relationship front might face an unexpected twist; hence gear up to experience something unusual. Anticipate some delays in your finances during the Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo. But, you will ultimately emerge successful in matters pertaining to finances and will receive what you deserve.

In the year 2021, Jupiter will move to enter the zodiac sign Aquarius from its position in Capricorn on Tuesday, 6 April, at 6:01 pm. After that, it will become retrograde, from June 20, 2021, Sunday at 08:35 PM and then once again enter Capricorn on Wednesday, 15 September, at 4:22 am .It will become progressive on October 18, 2021

Jupiter is the Lord of the eleventh and second houses for the zodiac sign Aquarius. Due to this, Jupiter Transit 2021 is expected to bring mixed results throughout the year for the natives.

Between 6 April to 15 September, the planet will remain in the zodiac sign Aquarius, i.e., your first house. As a result, positive yogas are being formed, which are indicating a decrease in your mental stress. Your decision-making abilities will also improve now. Some unrest may prevail in the lives of the married natives of this sign. On the flip side, things are positive for Aquarians in a relationship, as success in your love affairs is indicated. Fate will also remain in your favour throughout this time.

From 15 September to 20 November, Jupiter will remain in your twelfth house, which will bring an immense increase in your expenses. Aquarians are suggested caution in terms of their health especially, as some problems concerning the same, as well as diseases are indicated. You also need to keep your head on a swivel in financial matters, as a decline in your income is possible in this duration, and so are monetary losses.

From 20 November onwards, when Jupiter enters your sign, i.e., your ascendant house once again, any decision that you make now will be successful. Any pending tasks or scheme that has been unresolved for a long time may finally restart now. Aquarians in love will be successful in their relationship. Married natives will also enjoy romance and conjugal bliss. Your reputation and image in society will improve, and so will your economic front, as the time is favorable for you financially.

Remedial Measures:

Worship of Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays will help to bring peace of mind. Worship  Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Saturdays by lighting Ti-Oil lamps.

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In the year 2021, Jupiter will move to enter the zodiac sign Aquarius from its position in Capricorn on Tuesday, 6 April, at 6:01 pm. After that, it will become retrograde, from June 20, 2021, Sunday at 08:35 PM and then once again enter Capricorn on Wednesday, 15 September, at 4:22 am .It will become progressive on October 18, 2021, Monday at 11:00 AM

Jupiter transits to your second house . So far, you suffered due to mental agony, due to the transit of Jupiter in your Rasi i.e. in your ‘Jenma Rasi    Now you are going to enjoy the transit of Jupiter in your favorable house. You are going to get benefits and the Jupiter is going to give all kinds of unexpected favors in this transit to your second house. Second house is meant for Family, Speech and Wealth. When Jupiter transits in the second house, you can succeed in your efforts for increase you can buy immovable properties like land, house and jewels. In general, you will succeed in all your efforts

During this time He is going to see by His holy 5th aspect on your 6th house, 7th aspect to your 8th house and 9th aspect on your 10th house. These three houses will be strengthened, by this transit of Jupiter. Though Saturn’s transit is unfavorable, this Jupiter’s transit will keep all of the unlucky happenings under control. All the hurdles, delays and obstacles which were coming in your way will go away. You can finish off the works began by you, without any obstacle. Your mind will be with full of happiness and self-confidence. Those who are in search of job will get the job now. Some of you will start a new business. Artists will get good income. Some will proceed to foreign for suitable jobs or higher studies. You will get all well-beings. Your face will shine and your health will improve. Your talent, wisdom and your capabilities so far not known to the world will now come to light. Your words will change into actions. Your status will improve in the society. Some of you will get honorable positions, and respectable posts. You can keep up your promises. So, you will be identified as a trustworthy person. Your business and profession will improve.

Some of you will start new ventures. Thus your income and your financial position will be good. You will get good income in whatever work you do. If you work in office, you will get good salary and if you do a business you get enormous profit. Apart from this, you will get refund of loans, collection of rent, getting commissions, getting royalty; getting gifts getting your due share of property are the ways in which you will get money by this transit. The burden of loans, worries, troubles, disappointments, court cases, problems thereby which were surrounding you will come down now. You will buy new dresses, jewels and all domestic needs you are having the fortune of building new house. You can also shift to a better house on rent. You can repair your house. You will have the chance of buying a car.

Those who are working in the offices will enjoy a good period. Your talent will be appreciated by your boss. Workload will come down. Your colleagues will be co-operative. Those who are working in other places will be transferred back to their home towns. Some of you can get increase in their salary. Your children will get good jobs and handsome salary. They will now take care of you. Your children who were having differences of opinion with you will now come and join with you. You will also get the company of very popular persons, those who are in higher positions and politicians. You will move with all your relatives, friends and those who are around you affectionately and thus win over their hearts. You will fulfill the needs of your family members at the time of their needs. This attitude will make all your family members love you. Happiness and peace will come to your family.

Students will get higher education and success in all of their efforts. They will score good marks in the examinations. Unemployed persons will get good jobs of their choice. As Jupiter transits in your second house, you are having ‘Gurupalam’. So, Unmarried persons will get married to good persons. Childless people will be blessed with a child.  Your children will get proper education and attain improvements in all the walks of their life. They will get good jobs, promotions in their jobs, and salary hike. They will also start new ventures. Misunderstandings prevailed between the husband and wife will now go away. Cordial atmosphere prevails in the family. There will be happiness in the family. You will move towards your brothers and sisters with kindness, and they too.

Some of you will continue the worship of their Family-Deity which was not taken care of so far. Some of you will get responsible posts and responsibilities in the temples. You will get the Dharshans of the Saints and monks and some will proceed on holy-trips. Some will involve themselves in building a temple.

All the court cases so far troubling you will come to an end. The judgments will also be in your favor. Those who get punishments and penalties in the lower courts will be relieved of all the charges in the higher courts.

Some will buy jewels and new dresses. Things lost by you, will be recovered now.   You will get money from the expected corners. There will be a lot of improvement in your financial condition. You will buy all the things of your choice. Money which you think that it will not come will now come to you.  You will get unexpected income. You will buy new jewels and redeem the pledged jowls you will be recovered from all the diseases which were troubling you so far. Your financial position will improve.  All the waste expenditures will be controlled.

Misunderstandings prevailing in the family will disappear. Your parents’ health will be under your care which will be recognized by them kindly. The relationship between the couple will be harmonious. Some will buy new vehicle. Agriculturists will be benefited by good harvest and profit by the cattle. All the medical expenditures will be reduced. The loans given by you to others remaining pending will now come back. Your enemies will fail in their efforts to trouble you. You will get loans easily for your business and building houses. Some will construct houses. The construction process so far stopped due to financial shortage will now be finished. Some will purchase land and house. Relatives will come to your house frequently and enhance the happiness in your family. Some will participate in the feasts and parties.

You will succeed in all your efforts and activities.  All the problems so far troubling you will be solved. There are 3 holy aspects for Jupiter. One of the aspects falls on your 6th house. This house is called as ‘enmity-decease-loan’ shaman. This will reduce the evil effects of this house. You need not worry much about your diseases. If proper treatment is taken chances are there for cure. Moreover you need nod suffer due to chronic diseases.  You may be in a position to clear off your loans. You can manage the troubles from your longstanding loans.  You may manage the court cases if any.

You will not be affected badly by the aspect of Jupiter by the His aspect on the 6th place. Another aspect of Jupiter falls on your ‘Ashtama Sthanam’. This aspect relieves from accidents, hospitalization, threat to life etc. The third holy aspect of Jupiter falls on the 10th house i.e. the house for your livelihood, profession, official position etc. This aspect will basically strengthen you. The troubles falling on your ways for your livelihood will be eliminated. You will succeed in securing job opportunities.  The obstacles intervening in the way of your efforts for securing a job, business or profession for your livelihood will be removed. It will induce the ways for your progress.  It will also enhance your status and, make you qualified and suitable for the position you aspire for. For women this is a good period. You will be relieved of all the sufferings you underwent, so far. You will have adequate money for buying new dresses, golden jewels, and goods of domestic needs. You will get all the works relating to the modification of your house. Unmarried ladies will get married. You will have your husband’s love and affection in plenty. You will be blessed with a child. Students will be able to go for higher studies and prove their excellence in the respective Disciplines.

Businessmen will flourish. Those who are in Govt .jobs will have a good time in the offices. Their higher officers will praise them for their good work. Politicians will also find a nice time. Women will have respect- for their words. Unmarried women will get married.

Jupiter Retrogression:

             Jupiter is the Lord of the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, i.e., your first or ascendant house and fourth house. Due to this, Jupiter Transit 2021 is expected to bring you many favourable outcomes.

Between 6 April to 15 September, the planet will remain in the third house of your zodiac sign, which is forming yogas of short trips for the natives. Some of you can even go on a pilgrimage. You will completely support your younger siblings. However, keep an eye on your mother’s health, as a decline in the same is indicated. Do not let your efforts dim anywhere because continuous hard work is the only thing that will bring you prosperity.

From 15 September to 20 November, Jupiter will remain in your second house, which may finally bring some peace after the unrest in your family. Renting or selling some property will bring monetary benefits for you. Your mother may also be fundamental in bringing you profits. Remain sympathetic towards your family members at this time. Also, this time is bringing you the opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisines.

From 20 November onwards, when Jupiter enters your third house, you may perceive an increase in your laziness. This lethargy can create obstacles in your assignments. You will be more inclined towards religious activities at this time. There are also indications of new modes of income opening up for you. In addition to this, you will support your siblings wholeheartedly in this duration. There are also strong yogas of a trip being formed for Sagittarians.

Remedy: Wearing the Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) or Citrine (Sunela) gemstone in your forefinger during the Shukla Paksha on a Thursday will offer best results.

During the Jupiter Retrograde, you shall start focusing more on developing yourself. You are likely to be more generous and kind towards others and will start believing more strongly in the ‘power of giving’. This aspect of your personality will impress the people around you. Instead of giving in to the monotony of your daily routine, it would be better to break the shackles and finally sail towards searching the real purpose of your life. Health front looks good for the time being. The Guru Retrograde will be an excellent time to meditate and make life more peaceful in the months to come. Try to perfect your art of judgment as retrogression may lead to unrefined and unreliable while judging. Since it is your personality also, it will be involved with a philosophical attitude, lack of rational inclination, a retrograde condition would make for temporarily shortage of sound philosophical approach to life. Here self-deception could be quite noticeable and rather obvious. There may also be health issues that may perturb you.

Remedial Measures:

The transit of Saturn is not good. So, visit the temple of Lord Saneeswaran and worship Him by lighting Til-Oil lamps.

Wish you all the best!

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