The most propitious planet in astrology Jupiter will be transiting into Libra on 12 September effects by this transit.  The transit of Jupiter into Libra will be for an almost a year which will be till 18th October 2018.


Jupiter becomes Retrograde On

March 09, 2018 (Friday) at 10:09

Jupiter becomes Progressive On

July 10, 2018 (Tuesday) at 22:46

Total Retrograde days = 124 Days

You are advised to perform the remedial poojas, as directed. All are advised to visit the famous ‘Guru Sthalas’ in the following places and perform poojas to the planet ‘Jupiter’

  1. Alangudi near Valngaiman in Tanjore Dt.
  2. Kuruvith thurai near Sozavandhan in Madurai District.
  3. Puliyarai near Senkottai in Thirunelveli District.
  4. SubramanianSámiTemple in Thiuchendur of Tuticorin
  5. Pattamangalam in Sivagangai District
  6. Thittai near Kumbakonam in Thanjore Dt.

In addition to the above, you are also advised to worship the Lord Dhakshinamurthy in the Siva Temples on Thursdays and garland Him with Chenna-Dal and yellow flowers. Also light the lamps with Ghee.

You can also recite the under mentioned slogam 108 times daily.

“Vrushapa thvajaaya vithmahe

Kruni hasthaaya dheemahe

Dhanno: Gurupirasodhayaadh”

The predictions given here are given generally for all. The predictions will differ from person to person according to the conditions given below;

.             (a).If you have favorable Dhisa Bukthis in your Horoscope, and this transit also gives favorable effects; your luck will be at the top.

(b). If your Dhisa-Bukthi is good and if the transit is unfavorable, only during the period of this transit, your favorable condition will come down a little.

©. If your Dhisa-Bukthi is not good and if the transit is favorable, the favorable effects will be reduced a little.

(d) If both the Dhisa-Bukthi and the transit are unfavorable, only unfavorable effects may come.

So, you are advised to examine your horoscope.

Now you can go through the predictions relating to your Rasi.


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