He transits there for a period of two and a half years. This is the last phase of Sade- Sati. You may have to lose large amount of money by being cheated by others. Your economic condition will be very bad. You may have to struggle with poverty. The health of your wife and children will be spoiled. Your servants will leave you. Your dignity and status will be damaged. You may have to compulsorily leave your family. Some of your enemies will harm you by doing black magic against you. You may invite the anger of your elders. Your eyes will be affected.

During this time, you may have another wife also. You will be disappointed by your wife. Major portion of your wealth will be lost. Your descendants will suffer and you will also be troubled because of them. Your body’s shining will diminish. Your courage and strength will be reduced.

You may indulge in earning   money selecting the wrong ways. Your authoritative post will go away from you. You will have compulsory transfers to unwanted place.  You will have mental fears, unnecessary quarrels and enmity with your relatives. You will get loans from others for important and unavoidable expenses and for meeting the shortage of money but the loan amount will be washed out in some other unwanted ways.  This is the last phase of Sade-Sate. If you are undergoing Maraka Dhasa   and if there is any life-threat in the horoscope and if nothing happens in the second phase of Sade-Sati, there may be some dangers to your life now. Transit of Saturn in the second place is always unfavorable.


Take care of your health. Family problems will arise then and there. Working women will face troubles from the higher authorities, unwanted fear due to wrong approaches by them and problems coming from them which cannot be revealed outside. Jupiter in your 10th house will instigate this. So, think before acting in each and every matter. It is better to avoid sharing anything with others openly. Your words will be mistaken by them and they will, in turn against you. So, move carefully with others. Misunderstandings will develop with your spouse. It will be difficult to earn a good name from your in-laws. Burden of family as well as burden office works will increase.  At that time you will feel change in all the matters. Husband and children will regard you much. Children who lost interest in their studies will now develop their educational standard and earn a good name for you.


Unlike in his last transit when he transit in Dhanusu Rasi , this transit will give you some benefits. In his last transit he spoiled   your imaginations about your studies. As his 3rd aspect fell on your third house and his 10th aspect fell on your 10th house, your efforts for studies did not materialize. But this  transit will reflect your desires and talents with regard to your studies in a good way. Your efforts for taking 70% marks will materialize in getting 80% marks by luck. Your lucky signs will improve. These favorable chances will start improving from the second half of next year. Jupiter who now transit in the 10th house will put some hindrances for your efforts in your studies. But you will shine in your final year examinations.

In the beginning, you may face some troubles.  You should adhere to patience and  you can establish your dignity in your circle and   you can command respect. Your family or your children will not be disturbance to your political career. Support of your higher-ups will come to you automatically. Your financial position will also improve.


Saturn retrogrades three times during this transit, as shown below:

(1)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 09:39 AM

  Saturn becomes Progressive On September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 10:40 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Days

(2)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 23, 2021, Sunday at 02:50 PM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 11, 2021, Monday at 07:48 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

(3)Saturn becomes Retrograde On June 5, 2022, Sunday at 03:16 AM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 23, 2022, Sunday at 09:37 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

    During that time, you will have an end to all the unfavorable effects. Favorable effects will come to you and you will have a sound financial condition.   You will enjoy domestic happiness and all your family members will be extending their co-operation for all your decisions


If you are running adverse dasha or bhukti of rahu, kuja or shani,  it is better to conduct shanti for Saturn. Meditation and yoga should be taken up right at the beginning of the transit. Care should be taken while handling hazardous tools. You should recite shani beeja mantra regularly. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra [ ō śanaiścarāya vidmahē chāyāputrāya dhīmahī| tannō mada pracōdayāt||] or beeja mantra [ ō prā prī prau sa śanaiścarāya nama|| ] minimum 18 times a day. Add to this shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whatever you find easy). You should do Shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivarathri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously, think just in case these will help you out!

Along with the remedies detailed above, visit Alangudi  in Thanjavur District and worship Lord Jupiter. Also worship Hayagreevar and Sakkaraththazvar.  Sides like North east, West, Northwest and Southeast are lucky. Avoid South, East and North. Colors like blue, green, brown and violet are favorable. Avoid colors like black, yellow and white.


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