kataka-rashi kataka-rashi kadaga rasi 2013
kataka-rashi kataka-rashi kadaga rasi 2013

Planet of justice, Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to its own Zodiac Sign Capricorn on 24th January 2020 at 12:05 PM.s transit ends   on 16th January till  enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January, 2023.

Saturn transits to your 7th house . You cannot expect favorable benefits during this transit. You will undergo finance problems.  Your spouse will have life-threat. You will have waste expenditures. Your savings will be washed out. You may have to vacate your present place and may be forced to go to a different place. While you undergo travels, you may have the fear of accidents. Your cattle will ruin. Your servants will desert you. Your fame and dignity will be tarnished. You will be shifted from the powerful posts.

You will suffer from deceases of head.  You may have to make your livelihood as a coolie- laborer.  Your   body will have always some disease. You will undergo a great sorrow. Your name will be tarnished by your bad activities. Your health will be spoiled. You will have to undergo aimless travels, which are unwarranted. Your mind will always be troubling you, by sorrow and fear. You may have to meet the demise of your relatives. You will suffer by hunger without food. You will go down the poverty line and may have to beg from others.

During the transit of Saturn in the 7th place, Saturn gives more unfavorable effects. You will have no place to reside and you will roam to all the places without any aim. During this time you may have to go to out of place. But there also, you will have all kinds of troubles. Thus, Saturn in the 7th place gives unfavorable effects in all kinds.


Saturn coming to your 7th house will give some problems in your family life. 7th house denotes for ‘husband’. Misunderstandings will arise between husband and wife and it will boomerang by the intervention of third persons like your in-laws and relatives. Problems will arise in the calm family life and quarrels will come very often with your spouse and also with your in laws. Further this 7th house denotes the ‘Maraga Sthanam’ and hence some health troubles may come for you or for your spouse and some serious life-threat may come. You    should distance away from the problems and problematic persons. Avoid arguments and disagreements with others.


You should behave well and should not allow the elders of your family to find fault with you and retain your good name. Saturn coming to your 7th house will aspect your 4th house by its 10th aspect and disturbs your higher education. By this aspect, whatever may be the efforts you may take, you cannot succeed. By this, you may be fooled and ridiculed by others. So, take extra care in all the matters of your studies.


This transit of Saturn to your 7th house will put hurdles in your efforts. The way to your success will be closed. So, you may face hurdles and blocks in your path will often. Your subordinates will rebel against you and shift to the rival group. Your higher-ups also will be annoyed of you or even shift you to an unimportant post.


Saturn retrogrades three times during this transit, as shown below:

(1)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 09:39 AM

 Saturn becomes Progressive On September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 10:40 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Days

(2)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 23, 2021, Sunday at 02:50 PM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 11, 2021, Monday at 07:48 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

(3)Saturn becomes Retrograde On June 5, 2022, Sunday at 03:16 AM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 23, 2022, Sunday at 09:37 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

  During the period of combustion you have severe problems related to properties.  Students are worst hit during the period of combustion.


            Remedial measures are very much essential. You MUST do shanti for Saturn in a temple or in your house. When done in a temple you can share the expenditure with others. It is the process of reciting shani beeja / gayatri or namaskara mantras 19000+ times. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra [ ō śanaiścarāya vidmahē chāyāputrāya dhīmahī| tannō mada pracōdayāt||] or beeja mantra [ō prā prī prau sa śanaiścarāya nama|| ] minimum 18 times a day. Add to this shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whatever you find easy). You should do shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivaratri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously; think just in case these will help you out! Extreme caution is required in professional matters. Do not put your papers, even if you are humiliated or ignored for promotion. Have patience, good days will come – after two and half years.

Apart from the Remedies suggested above for Saturn,you have to perform some remedial pujas for the adverse transit of Jupiter up to  November 2020. Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and garland Him with yellow flowers. Also visit the Guru Sthalas.


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