Saturn transits in the 5th house of your Rasi . When Saturn transits in the 5th house from your Rasi, your children will suffer. Ailing children may even meet their ends. Your mind will be restless and your brain will be imbalanced and you will not be in a position to take decisions. Because of this, you cannot implement some important plans.

Some of you may meet with accidents and some parts of your body may be affected. Your cash balance will come down. You may fall in poverty. Some of you may even go to the extent of indulging n some malpractice for your livelihood.

You may have mental worries. You may have to lose your money and things, by the contacts of immoral women. You may have conflicts with others. Some of you may even struggle even for the daily expenses. No permanent plans will materialize.

Any of the children may meet with their ends, for some of you. Your relatives may become enemies. You may depart your children and relatives. You may have sorrows and sufferings of your children. So Saturn gives unfavorable effects in all respects.


Your desires can be fulfilled in this transit to some extent, only after crossing major hurdles. Your words will be taken by your family members only after a long period. You can get immovable properties like, house or land belatedly. Those who are working in the offices will get desired transfers and hike in the salary only after much delay. Saturn’s 7th aspect falls on your ‘profit’ house and His 3rd aspect falls on your 7th house. These are all not good. Misunderstandings will come between yourself and your husband. You cannot win the appreciation and confidence of your husband and your in-laws. Likewise the favors expected by you from them will be delayed or refused. Partitioned properties and money cannot be got from them easily. Saturn’s transit in your 5th house will affect the education of your children and their health may also be affected. Saturn’s 10th aspect falls on your second house. Hence arguments and quarrels will come between you and your husband and the happiness in the family will disappear. Thus this transit of Saturn in the 5th house will not be favorable to you.


You can expect some change in your studies. So far efforts for your studies met with failure. Now that condition will change. You will evince interest in studies and also take necessary steps to promote your studies. Your efforts will be materialized half by your talent and the rest by luck. Jupiter‘s holy aspect falls on Saturn and this will be favorable to you. Upto September 2017, when Jupiter transits to your second house, all the hurdles will disappear and your talent will increase.  If you put your efforts continuously, you will succeed to attain your goal.


Now you can get rid of the troubles came out of Saturn’s transit in your 4th house. You were not able to achieve anything in your political career. Your respect in the society came down and nothing was favorable. Whatever help and good actions done by you to others, you could not earn a good name from them. . Such unfavorable condition will now change totally, during the transit of Saturn in the 5th house. Those who ignored and neglected you will now come to you now and appreciate your actions. Politicians will shine for the ensuing one year-period. After that you may have to meet some setbacks. This transit of Saturn to your 5th house may give some developments in your political career but you cannot expect any financial benefits. But you can expect some improvements in your financial condition, during the transit of Jupiter in your second house during the second half of 2015.


Saturn retrogrades three times during this transit, as shown below:

(1)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 09:39 AM

    Saturn becomes Progressive On  September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 10:40 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Days

(2)Saturn becomes Retrograde On  May 23, 2021, Sunday at 02:50 PM

Saturn becomes Progressive On  October 11, 2021, Monday at 07:48 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

(3)Saturn becomes Retrograde On June 5, 2022, Sunday at 03:16 AM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 23, 2022, Sunday at 09:37 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

               During the period of combustion, there will be increase of monthly income and also the expenditure shoots up. You will have good rapport with higher officers and due to that you are bound to take additional responsibilities.


You should not decide anything on yourself alone. It is better to take advice of elders and well wishers in crucial matters. Shanti for Saturn is required at the star of the transit.  It is better to recite shani kavacha / mantra depending on time available and your choice, once a day. Fasting on Saturdays is desirable, at least during night. It is advisable to visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina on Saturdays and to recite namaskara mantra at least 18 times.

Worship  Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays for the unfavorable transit of Jupiter.

Apart from the remedies suggested above, worship Goddess Durga and Lord Vinayaga for Ragu and Ketu.  Businessmen and politicians may worship Sakkaraththaazvaar for getting benefits .  East, West and north-east are lucky for you. Avoid, south, south-west and northwest. Keep wearing green, white, sandalwood color and light blue colors. Avoid black, red , grey and dark yellow  colors.


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