Planet of justice, Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to its own Zodiac Sign Capricorn on 24th January 2020 at 12:05 PM. This transit ends   on 16th January till it  enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January, 2023.

 Saturn transits in your Rasi itself  . This is also called as ‘Jenma Sani’. In this phase, Saturn gives severe unfavorable effects. Life Threat, Diseases, Enmity with others, Loss of Money, Imprisonment, Damage to your dignity and fame may come. You will be affected by diseases like head ache, chicken-pox or small pox and dysentery. Ailments like, paralytic and inability for movement may come. You may have to perform ceremony for anybody in your family. Some of you may be affected by prolonged diseases by food-poisoning. You may meet with fire accidents. You may be instrumental for the death of any of your relatives. Your body-shining will diminish. Your skin will be darkening. Relatives and friends will depart. Your children will fall sick.

You may have to wander unnecessarily. You may have the fear of jail or even be imprisoned. You may have to beg from others for your needs. You may become unable to come out of a trouble and face a lot of struggles out of it. Some of you may have the danger of being attacked by knife or any other weapon. You may become inactive due to mental tension and excessive body- tiredness. This II phase of Sade- Sati is very severe giving all sorts of troubles to you.  Even death may come to some of you.


Saturn transits in your ‘Jenma Rasi’ and aspects at your 7th house. By this, your husband will act against your wish and go beyond your control.  So, intimacy between both of you will be missing and quarrels and misunderstanding will increase between both of you. You will have to face troubles from the in-laws and your husband will act according to the instructions given by your in- laws. This will increase your worries. Your husband and his family members will ignore your hard work and your care for the family and they will charge against you falsely. Employed women will have over work in the offices. But there will be no appreciations and recognition for it. You cannot get your due promotions and salary-hike. Your male colleagues will damage your fame and give troubles which cannot be revealed by you outwardly. So, you should be careful while moving with them. These troubles will be on the high side, when Jupiter transits in the 10th house. After September 2017, as Jupiter and Ragu transit favorably, your troubles may not be very severe . So, the beginning period will be an average period.


Saturn’s transit will be somewhat better than what it was before. This will continue up to September 2017 when Jupiter transits favorably.  In this period, if you study carefully and attentively, you will get success half by your efforts and luck will also come jointly, which will strengthen your efforts for the remaining half. Transits of Jupiter and Ragu will encourage you and give progress. Your hard work in study will fetch you marks more than what is expected by you and you can also join a course by getting the course of your choice. The transit of Saturn will be very tough and give you troubles. Your friends studying with you will divert your attention to some other matters, with a view to defeat your efforts. Saturn’s transit will give you tiredness, pressure of mind and loss of interest in all the matters. Further your family circumstances will also divert your concentration. So, you should withstand all these troubles and take sincere efforts. Your efforts can be successful during the period after September 2017. Your efforts will succeed after that period.


This transit of Saturn in your ‘Jenma Rasi’ will not be favorable. However, the unnecessary wanderings and loss of fame, prevailed during the last transit will start disappearing now slowly. Period up to July 2015 will be somewhat favorable due to the favorable transits of Jupiter and Ragu. You can be successful in your career and achieve whatever you want. You can act satisfactorily in the financial matters. You can also give your help and lift those who are below you. You can help those who believe you, financially. Thus during the period after 2017, all your justified desires will be fulfilled.


Saturn retrogrades three times during this transit, as shown below:

(1)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 09:39 AM

  Saturn becomes Progressive On  September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 10:40 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Day

(2)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 23, 2021, Sunday at 02:50 PM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 11, 2021, Monday at 07:48 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Day

(3)Saturn becomes Retrograde On June 5, 2022, Sunday at 03:16 AM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 23, 2022, Sunday at 09:37 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

  During the period of combustion, there will be heavy work load in the office which gets priority and you are not bothered by above ill effects.


          If you are running adverse dasha or bhukti of rahu, kuja or shani,  it is better to conduct shanti for Saturn. Meditation and yoga should be taken up right at the beginning of the transit. Care should be taken while handling hazardous tools. You should recite shani beeja mantra regularly. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra [ ō śanaiścarāya vidmahē chāyāputrāya dhīmahī| tannō mada pracōdayāt||] or beeja mantra [ō prā prī prau sa śanaiścarāya nama|| ] minimum 18 times a day. Add to this shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whatever you find easy). You should do Shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivarathri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously, think just in case these will help you out!

Along with the remedies suggested above, you can worship ‘Sakkaraththazvar’ in kumbakonam and in the Varadharajar Temple of Kanchipuram and perform pujas as prescribed .Also do archanas in your name. Colors like blue, green and white will be lucky. Avoid black, red and grey colors.  Sides of east west will be lucky and avoid sides of south, north and southwest.

Transit of Jupiter is unfavorable up to November 2020. Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays with yellow flowers.


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