Planet of justice, Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to its own Zodiac Sign Capricorn on 24th January 2020 at 12:05 PM.This  transit ends   on 16th January  it  till  enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January, 2023.

Now, the troublesome period of the Sate-Sati is over. This is a favorable transit for you. All the sufferings undergone by you so far will run away from you.

All your deceases will be cured and your health will improve. Your efforts will be materialized. Jobless people will get jobs and those who are in job will get promotions. You will get leadership positions in your town. You will get delicious foods and timely food.  Goddess of Money will smile at you. You will get ‘Rajayogam’ and success in all the matters handled by you, during this 2 and a half year period. You will enjoy vehicle conveniences. Your brothers and sisters will be benefited. You will get the help of your friends. You will have good servants and they will be faithful to you in all matters. Even if you are a coward, you will become brave and have the strength and valor of conquering your enemies.

You will have the blessings to have a child-birth and your children will get all favorable benefits. You will enjoy family life. Your cattle stock will improve. Transit of Saturn in the 3rd house will give all kinds favorable benefits.


This transit of Saturn in your third house will give you relief from all the troubles you have undergone so far. This transit will give you many favorable effects. Troubles came from your husband and his family members will go away and a cordial relationship will arise with your spouse. Your children will obey your words and will bring good name for you. Domestic integrity will flourish. Totally, your house will become a calm and happy place. Some of you will earn good name and get appreciations in the office. You will get salary-hike and you will get a chance to work in a new office. Some of you will get the gift of child-birth. Saturn is the Lord of your ‘child house’ i.e. the 5th house. So, childless persons will get a ‘child’, now. But the transit of Ragu-Ketu causes some confusion between you and your spouse and misunderstandings will come. By this, the intimacy between the couple will be reduced.


This is a favorable period for you, and you will cross over the troublesome period. You will get good marks and get the desirable choice of studies. On seeing your talent, your parents and teachers will appreciate you. This satisfactory condition will prevail for 3 years you can achieve your goals and reach whatever heights you want. You will retain an ideal place in your study-career. But Jupiter’s unfavorable  transit to the will be compensated by Saturn’s favorable transit.


This transit of Saturn to your 3rd house will make you to achieve tremendous success in your political career. Hindrances prevailing in your career so far will disappear. Those who opposed you and those who criticized you will come and kneel down before you. Or, they will shed down their rival feelings and join with you and fight for your success and progress. Saturn will favor you to catch an ideal place in your political career. You will get money, fame, dignity and honors during this transit. Before these two years, you will do whatever you want to do in your political career.  But you may have to face some hurdles due to the transit of Jupiter.


Saturn retrogrades three times during this transit, as shown below:

(1)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 11, 2020, Monday at 09:39 AM

    Saturn becomes Progressive On September 29, 2020, Tuesday at 10:40 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 142 Days

(2)Saturn becomes Retrograde On May 23, 2021, Sunday at 02:50 PM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 11, 2021, Monday at 07:48 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

(3)Saturn becomes Retrograde On  June 5, 2022, Sunday at 03:16 AM

Saturn becomes Progressive On October 23, 2022, Sunday at 09:37 AM

Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 141 Days

             During the period of combustion, the reversals like heavy expenditure due to friends and relatives, tiresome journeys, failure in all ventures happen. You should plan in such a way crucial events and proposals do not fall during the period of retrogression or combustion. Also, You should ensure that the favorable transit of Saturn is not eclipsed by vedha by other planets.


If you are running adverse dasha or bhukti of rahu, kuja or shani,  it is better to conduct shanti for shani. Meditation and yoga should be taken up right at the beginning of the transit. Care should be taken while handling hazardous tools. As Saturn transits favorably, you may not require any remedy. But you can visit the temples of Jupiter in Alangudi and Ragu in Thirunageswaram and Ketu in Kilperumpallam and offer prayers.


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