This transit will be happening on January 17th 2023, and it is going to be in Aquarius till 29th March 2025. This time, the transit is going to last for 26 months.

Saturn transits in the 10th house of your Rasi .This transit will be for a period of 2 and half years. During this transit, there will be some disturbance to your job. You may get unwanted transfers. You will also have the fear of black magic against you by your enemies. You will have mental imbalance. Worries will increase. You will be afraid of spending money and you will become a miser.

You may go to Kasi or to a far-off place. You will involve in more work for less remuneration. You will struggle a lot, for maintaining your livelihood. You may have to involve in unnecessary works. Unnecessary wanderings will be there. You will have loss of money and stoppage of your education. You will meet with failures everywhere. Very often, you will suffer due to many diseases.

Some of you may have heart deceases. Your house will have to be demolished. Your dignity will be damaged. You will have over work but you will be unable to manage it. Even if you do that, you will not be be benefited in its true spirit. You will not have mental balance. Your managing abilities will be reduced. You may have to do works without any benefit of profit. You will have to meet difficulties in all the ways. Thus there will be unfavorable effects, in this transit.


This is the time during which you will have to undergo the above mentioned sufferings. Married women should act with extra caution. Avoid unnecessary arguments and problems with your husband and your in-laws. Those who are residing in the joint family should completely avoid heated arguments and unnecessary arguments with the in-laws and your husband. Also avoid giving much importance to the problematic matters. You can follow the policy of ignoring the problematic matters so that you can escape from the future complications and escape from earning bad name. Even if there are problems, if you cautious enough like this, they will go away from you totally.

During this period your mind will not concentrate on your studies due to your family circumstances and unwanted imaginations. Saturn’s unfavorable effects will not fall on you very much because of Jupiter’s favorable transit up to November 2020 transit. After that, the unfavorable effects of Saturn will be so serious. Your position will be worried by your parents, elders of your family and your teachers. Sometimes your actions will be controlled by others. You will act according to the directions given by others, without any application of mind. If you avoid that behavior and concentrate on your studies, you can ensure half of the expected success.


Saturn’s transit in the 10th house will not be so serious because, Jupiter’s transit in your 9th house will support you up to November 2020. By this, your words and status will be good . After that by Saturn’s transit in the 10th house, your subordinates will be so aggressive so as to make you lose your patience and you will get annoyed. Moreover your close relatives and friends will betray you. Due to that you have to bear with some humiliations and some unwanted wanderings. You have to lose your respect and dignity in your circle. For this, the unfavorable transits of Ragu and Ketu will also be instrumental. Even in your family affairs, you may have to face some betrayals. Instead of taking efforts for setting them right, it would be better to ignore them. Further till the end of the transit of Saturn in your 10th house, you may have to face financial troubles. There are no remedies for these troubles. Worship Sakkaraththazvaar for getting benefitted.


 Saturn Retrograde – During these 3 years, Saturn will retrograde 3 times. These are –

  • June, 2022 to Oct, 2022. Jun 17, 2023 – Nov 4, 2023
  • June, 2023 to Nov, 2023.
  • June, 2024 to Nov, 2024

As Saturn represents our duties and commitments in this world, when Saturn retrogrades, we tend to reflect back on our duties and commitments.
 During the period of combustion you will experience total reversals in all your ventures. There will be concerns about health of elderly people in the family. You will suffer losses and heavy expenditure during this period.


          If you are running adverse dasha or bhukti of rahu, kuja or shani,  it is better to conduct shanti for Saturn. Meditation and yoga should be taken up right at the beginning of the transit. Care should be taken while handling hazardous tools. You should recite shani beeja mantra regularly. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra [ ō śanaiścarāya vidmahē chāyāputrāya dhīmahī| tannō mada pracōdayāt||] or beeja mantra [ō prā prī prau sa śanaiścarāya nama|| ] minimum 18 times a day. Add to this shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whatever you find easy). You should do Shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivarathri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously; think just in case these will help you out!

Apart from the remedies above, you can worship ‘Navagraha’ in the temple in your town and light the Til-Oil lamp to Lord Saneeswaran. Blue, sandalwood, light red and light green colors will be lucky. Black, grey, white and dark red will be unlucky.  Sides North, west or northeast are favorable.


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