uncooked meat

Modern man is born only after he knows to cook y using fire.  17 lakhs years ago, the ancestors of the mankind who lived before the human race was emerged, used fire.  6 lakhs of years ago, the race of Homo erectus   used fire. The race of the modern man is using fire only before 1, 25,000 years ago. Therefore it is a wrong procedure to eat the meat and fish without cooking like the ancestors. In the human evolution, when the proportion of the brain increases, the length of the biliary tract decreases.  For the brain, which is only 2 % of the total weight of the man, 20% energy is required. In these circumstances, if man decides to get more energy in minimum time, man’s stomach should be capable of digesting the food easily.  For this process, cooking was helpful.  The food cooked by the analysts at Evolution will change into small particles, and thereby the fatty and the starchy particles can be taken by the intestine easily.  The energy derived by a Symphony by eating rodents for 5 hours can be derived by man within 1 hour by cooking the food.  Man lives as a man, only because of cooking.

When uncooked meat and vegetables are eaten, germs will enter into the stomach. Sometimes acidity will be formed excessively.  Deficiency of food experienced by man, when he lived in the forest is not experienced by us today. So, there is no problem in cooking and eating the food.




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