Dizziness is the slight form of Vertigo. Only the next stage is the actual Vertigo. When the balance is lost due to the ear-problem, it appears that our head rotates separately without our control; or things around rotates. These kinds of head rotating are known as ‘Vertigo’.  This may come to anyone who is above 30 years of age; but 35% are affected among those above 65 years of age. Women are more than men affected by this disease. But there is no life threat.

Various kinds of Vertigo:

Light   type of vertigo:

Those who are having this disease will have vomiting and dizziness for a little time. . if they lie down and take rest for a little time, this problem will disappear.

Medium type vertigo:

These people will have vomiting along with dizziness. This problem will also disappear if they lie down and take rest.

Serious type of vertigo:

This is a dangerous type. Vomiting and dizziness will be more. These two problems will increase even when the head is moved a little. A fear will arise as to whether you will fall down, if you walk.

Meniere’s disease: as the ‘endolymph ‘liquid is collected inside the ears more than the limit, pressure increases inside the ears and   vertigo comes. This is one kind. This kind of vertigo will not disappear suddenly.  This wills last long even for two weeks. You will feel to be in bed always. There will be sounds in the ears and slight deafness will be there. This is called as ’Meniere’ disease.

One side vertigo:

Somebody will have vertigo, whey turn their neck towards one side, see upwards, bend downwards and lift the body upwards. This is known as ‘Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo’. The symptoms of this disease will be quite against the Meniere’s disease.  Particularly, when you have this disease, there will not be sounds in the ears and there will not be any problem like deafness.  Mostly people have this type of disease only.

Internal ear nerve damage:

When you are affected by cold, if virus germs affect the internal nerve, the nerve swell and ‘vertigo’ comes. Vertigo also come in the middle ear when there is pus, when the ear wax seals in the external ear, vertigo comes. If tumors come in the internal ear and if there is swelling in the ‘Labyrinth’ area of the ear, vertigo comes.

 Generally, if 80% of the people are affected by vertigo, due to the problems of the ear, the remaining 20% of the people are affected due to other reasons. vertigo comes due to various problems like, Migraine headaches, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, excessive blood lipids, anemia, malnutritition, Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, low sugar, problem with the neck bones, thyroid problems,  early stage of pregnancy, Disorders of the heart rate, Side effect of medication, Visual impairment, Insomnia, mental stress, Rattm stool, head injuries etc.
 When a person is affected by vertigo, for the first time, it is necessary to have complete physical examination, for finding out the correct reason and for taking treatment. As, vertigo is a continuous problem for many people, if you find out the correct reason once, you need not be afraid of during the next time.  Generally blood pressure will be tested,   for a person affected by vertigo, in the sitting stage and in the lying stage. Complete examinations for the ear like, Audiogram, C.T.Scan, M.R.I.Scan  would be necessary.
  As there are various reasons for vertigo, treatment should be taken for the basic reason at first. Then only, you can be relieved off from this problem.  Now there are very good medicines for curing the problems of vertigo. As these medicines give rest to the balance organ of the ear, vertigo is cured. . Some medicines increase the blood circulation to the internal. Vertigo comes under control due to this.

Treatment by injecting thyroid injection in the ear drum for the Meniere’s disease is in practice.  Now effective tablets have come for curing this. Operation helps for whom, the treatments are not useful.


It may not be possible for those who have Migraine headaches to cure by medicines. .i is important to do particular exercises.  Exercises like Rotating the eyes while lying down, giving excercises to the neck muscles and shoulder muscles, bending the head front and back and sideways and catching the ball, while walking help to prevent this type of headache.  If these exercises o after consulting the  E&T Specialist are done, this type of headache will go away.  How to prevent? You should reduce the measure of salt in your food. You should also avoid fatty foods.  Normal rest and sleep is necessary.   Blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar should be kept under control.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol:

Avoid taking drugs.  lie down on the floor ,if you feel vertigo,. Keep your legs to somewhat higher position. At times, when it is not possible to lie down, sit on the floor bend your body in front, bend your knees and keep your head in between the legs. While getting up from the bed, avoid getting up straight, but lie on one side and get up by that side. Avoid walking immediately after getting up. After sitting in the bed for some time, walk to avoid vertigo.  While getting up from the bed, don’t bend down and turn suddenly for taking any object.

Avid keeping pillows for the head:

Avoid changing the body position from one position to another position suddenly. For example, when you lie down and want to turn to another side, avoid sudden turning.  It is advisable to have gussets fixed up in the walls of toilets and bathrooms so as to hold them and avoid falling down at the time when vertigo comes. Use non-slippery floor mats in the house and bathrooms.

 Use night lamps:

  Reduce climbing up of staircases often.  Avoid playing in the Roller Coaster merry Go-rounds.  Avoid taking medicines without the advices of the doctor. When you find medication necessary, consult doctor and do it.

 Avoid mental stress:

 Avid driving and avoid operating dangerous machines. Undergo medical test for ears annually.










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