walking exercise

By increasing the speed of our walking daily, we can increase our ‘life time’. If walking is done with speed, more than the normal walking speed, it will reduce our death % by 24%.

The reason for this is that the speed walking reduces the pressure in the heart and also that the dangers coming to the life time. Not only the youngsters, but also if the old people do the walking exercise, 57% negative drawbacks arising in the body can be reduced. If the speed of the walking exercise is 5 to 7 kms per hour, it will give good result.

Instead of doing exercises separately,  we  can do walking exercise  speedily and we can get more benefits than the normal walking .  When we do walking exercise, with more speed, wastes from the body are released in the form of sweating. Moreover, it gives necessary ‘driving force’ to the body, so as to coping the problems like ‘breathing trouble’.

When we go for check up, if LDI which is known as bad cholesterol is more and HDI, which is known as good cholesterols is less, you can choose swift walking, because you can get good  cholesterols only through swift walking .



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