Damages caused to the brain, due to blows would cause damages for the body-health as detailed below.

  1. There are chances for the blood circulation to the brain.25% 0f the blood released from the heart is sent to the brain and only the rest sent to the other organs.  When there is blow to the head and blood circulation is blocked to the head, oxygen required for the brain may not be available. Thus, giddiness may come. There may cause some chemical changes, when there is blockade in the oxygen, going to the brain.
  2.  The brain nerves connect with each other through chemicals known as Neurotransmitters.  There are many Neurotransmitters in our body. Due to the changes in the neurotransmitters, brain will be affected. Changes may come in the brain nerves and in the blood circulation of those who recovered from the head injury and there may be impacts in the neurotransmitters.
  3.  Generally, there may be 3 kinds of impacts due to head injury such as depression, fear, and changes in the behavior.
  4.      Those who have blow to the head will have a special type of depression. They may have head-ache and excess tiredness. Further, these people will be afraid of anything and everything. Even a small movement will terrify them. Those who have blows in the forehead undergo behavioral changes. They may speak words unparliamentarily in the common places, pass urine, wherever they want, may get angry for petty matters.
  5.  If they get blow in the backside of the head, their eye sight will be damaged.  They will be very harsh towards others. They will shout at others even for ordinary matters and quarrel with others.  They go to the stage of ‘coma’.  They can recover from this slowly. The period for recovery can be assessed by the depth of the attack.  Sometimes, they may not even recover.
  6.  Generally, they may be affected by loss of memory, inability to speak or write even the known language, mental confusion, inattention, failing to recognize even the familiar material, more laughing. Weeping more, angering and getting irritated.
  7. Some people may undergo changes like speaking a single word repeatedly, doing a single action repeatedly, feeling loneliness, losing balance of body, suffering giddiness , tiredness, fear, vomiting, feeling loneliness,  getting fear when hearing sounds or seeing light, talking in a weak tone without any clarity .
  8. Treatment should be given after assessing how the blow happened and how badly the impact affected.  Treatment is not necessary, if the blow is slight. But treatment is necessary, if there is continuous head ache or if any of the symptoms is felt.



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