This week, your talk with others will eliminate troubles, because you will speak, taking into account of the situation and prevailing conditions. Your brothers and sisters will help you. Avoid speed in driving. Your children wll find fault with their friends. You can maintain your health only if you are careful in taking hygienic food. Your mind will be strengthened by the over affection shown by your spouse. You can increase the growth of your business only by your hard work to the average level. Employees should adhere to the rules and regulations of the management. Women will spend their savings for the family-expenses. Students should put hard work in their studies and can qualify in the examinations.


Those who ignore you n the past, will now come closer to you and shower affection on you. You will involve in your duties wholeheartedly. Inflow of money and benefits will increase. You will help to your younger brothers. You will undertake maintenance work in your house and vehicle. Children will develop their skill and improve the standard of their studies. The critical situation prevailing in your family will change now. You will pay attention to set right the worries in the minds of your spouse. Production and sales in your business will increase and give you extra money income. Employees will achieve their targets within the time limit. Women will take more interest in the welfare of the family. Students will study well and get prizes from their parents.


Your favorite God, will bless you to get your desires fulfilled. If you develop a practice of spending on unnecessary expenses, you will not fall in debts. Avoid giving lift   in your vehicle and also avoid giving shelter in your house to the untrustworthy persons. You will set right the confused mind- conditions of your children, by your soft approach. Your health will be safeguarded by taking normal rest. You should respect the views of your spouse so as to enhance domestic happiness. You should invest less and put more hard work in the business so that you can escape from loss. Women should avoid unnecessary expenditures for getting relief from troubles. Students should restrict roaming in the outside places for developing in their concentration in their studies.


Some of the planets are not favorable. You will be tensed and your mind will be restless. By this, all your matters will be delayed and disturbed. While you use costly goods, you have to ensure their safety. You have to spend for the maintenance of your vehicle, for ensuring convenience in your travel. Your daughter’s good time will give success in all your actions. You will distance away from your enemies by knowing their plots in advance. The advices of your spouse will guide you in the right direction.  Timely rectification of the problems in your business will help to increase the production and sales. Women will take up all the measures to safeguard the welfare of your children. Students will respect your advises and shine in their studies.


You will have enthusiasm in your mind and a speed in your actions. Your talents will increase. You will eagerly bring all your desires into action. All the negative forces in your life will go away from you. Your domestic happiness will increase by the visits of your relatives. You will render all kinds of facilities for your children’s’ education. You will get favorable judgments for the court cases. You will repay a portion of your current loans. Your spouse will cooperate with you in all the family matters and enhance the domestic happiness. You will undertake developmental activities in your business. Employees will work well and get appreciations of the higher authorities. Women will gain the affection of their relatives. Students should avoid risky games.


You will take the criticisms of your friends as advices and because of this attitude you will learn new lessons in life and more benefits. Financial requirements may increase for meeting the domestic needs. You may also get a loan of a small amount. You should take more care in the maintenance of your house and vehicle. You should follow soft approach in setting right the defects of your children. Your spouse will be helpful to you. There will be average production and sales in your business. Women will have good health. Students should honor the advices of their teachers for getting benefits.


You will behave in such a way that the wrong opinions about you will change in the minds of your relatives. Your speeches will be in a judicious and generous manner. You will get the help of your brothers and sisters. You will get more convenience in your house and vehicles. You will set right the mistakes of your children by your soft approach. You will conquer the troubles coming from your enemies boldly. The advices of your spouse will bring some good changes in your life. The production and sales in your business will be normal and you will get the due money-income. Employees will get more work and get additional income out of it. Women will lead a happy life   by enjoying the affection and more inflow of money. Students will the expected help from their friends.


You will spend more for maintaining your prestige. Your talks should be soft to others. You should ensure safety for the things in your house, without being stolen. Your children may suffer due to mental worries and ill health. You should not take risk by giving surety to others. The love and affection of your spouse will give happiness to your mind. The production and sales will become normalized, as you set right the set-backs in your business. Employees should adhere to punctuality. Women will buy new dresses and jewels. Students will get qualified by their hard work.


This week, even your small actions will have perfections and give you more benefits. Your neighbors will be so friendly and praise your good qualities. Some of you will buy a house and vehicle. Though you fulfill all the needs of you children liberally, you may have to face a different type of situation in which your children will not be satisfied. Loans granted by you to others will come back to you. You will participate in the functions of your friends. Your spouse will be cordial with you and share your responsibilities. You will carry out the developmental activities in your business very perfectly. Employees will work efficiently and get all the benefits and appreciations. Women will be happy by getting, the love and help from their mother’s house. Students will work hard and involve in their studies and get the appreciations of their teachers and parents.


This week, you will get the expected good news. You will adhere to some changes n your life. You will develop interest in participating in the social activities. Avoiding speed in driving will make your travel convenient. Income derived from your ancestral property will help to meet your essential expenses. Your strength and stamina will increase. You will give importance to the views of your spouse. You will get a good chance for getting a lift in your business or profession. Govt. employees will get promotions and salary-hike. Women will perform pujas for the celebration of auspicious functions in the family. Students should involve in their studies and sports with due care.


You will give importance to the views of your family members and maintain cordial relationship within the family. You will adopt tenacity while spending your money –income. You will develop spiritual thoughts in your mind. You have to spend for the maintenance expenditures for your vehicle for your convenience. Your children will develop their knowledge in the spiritual matters. You can save your time and good name, by distancing away from your enemies. It is not advisable for you to find fault with the defects of your spouse.  You can have average growth and average income in your business. Employees handling machines should strictly follow the safety measures for avoiding risks. Women should not lend or borrow golden jewels. Students should safeguard costly goods.


You will bring some changes in your life, by your bold actions with your mental strength. You will get the support of your family members. You should avoid unnecessary travels. Your children’s words and deeds will become glorious and you can become famous by that. Your ancesters’ good generosity will bring benefits to you. Your enemies will be afraid of you and distance away from you. You will respect the words of your spouse. The hurdles prevailing in your business will go away and you can experience the growth in your business. Employees will earn good name from the higher –ups. Women will take care of all the family affairs with due responsibility. Students will develop their memory power and achieve the target in their studies.


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