weekly horoscope
weekly horoscope


Some planets are giving favorable benefits. Your sincerity is the main reason to get maximum benefits. You will follow the attitude of tenacity in spending for domestic expenditure. One person who is jealous on you will pretend to be helping you but will create troubles for you. You should be careful to avoid them. Your children will develop their talent in studies and get super job opportunities for maintaining cordiality in the family; you should go along with the views of your spouse. Your business will go on normally and your profitable income will be average. . Employees will follow the new techniques and reduce their workload. Women can avoid getting loan, by adhering tenacity in their expenses. Students should be careful in taking new persons as their friends.


This week, many of the planets are helping you. You will take necessary steps for getting more comforts in life. You can get the expected help and monetary support from your friends. God Almighty will bless you for completing your works successfully, as planned by you. You will make the required alterations in your house and vehicle. Your children will obey your orders and give respect to you. Your health will be good and you will feel happy. You will get increase in the production and sales in your business and also get increase in the profit. Women will get the love and affection of their husband and lead a happy life. Students will set right the drawbacks in their studies and get good marks in the examinations.


This week, many planets transit in your favor. So, you will be happy. You will develop good relationship with your neighbors by talking with them kindly. You will voluntarily help your younger brothers for their growth in life. Your plan to buy a new vehicle will materialize. Income coming out of  the ancestral property will increase. You will get a benefic atmosphere for escaping from the troubles of your enemies. Your spouse will share their pride about your good qualities with their relatives. Your business will grow and you will get profitable money income. Employees will complete their target before the fixed period and win the appreciations of their boss. Women will take much care in the future welfare and growth of their children.  They will also buy new dresses and ornaments. Students will get the financial help for their studies satisfactorily.


Transit of planets is not in your favor. Those who were treating you respectfully so far will now find fault with you. If you adopt patience and honesty, you can retain your good name. Your health may also trouble you. So, you should take care of your health for carrying out your daily routine duties. Avoid speedy driving. Adopt soft approach if you want to set right the behaviors of your children. Your spouse will render all sorts of help to you. She will support you in all respects. You will get average growth in your business out of hard work and extra supervision. Employees should follow the rules and regulations of the management. Otherwise they will be penalized. Women will give their savings to their husbands. Students will lose concentration in their studies. They should restrict roaming outside.SIMMAM (LEO):

Planets are favorably transiting this week. You will carry out your ideal plans and seek growth in your life. Your financial condition will be satisfactory for fulfilling the domestic necessities. You should not give shelter in your house or lift in your vehicle to untrustworthy persons. You will respect the words of your children. The relatives of your spouse will honor your glory and will be more kind towards you. You will redeem a portion of your long term loans.  You will carry out the developmental works in your business. Employees will get more work and more wages equally. Women will treat the relatives with variety of foods. Students should avoid risks in their life.


This week, some planets transit unfavorably. You can escape from falling in loans, only if you avoid spending unnecessarily. Your eloquence will be respected only in selected places. So avoid thinking to get victory by your talented talk in all the places. Avoid speedy driving. Try to set right the behavior of your children by your soft approach. Your health may warrant petty medical treatment. Your spouse will be cordial with you. You can invest less capital and employ more labor for the growth of your business. Employees will finish of their target by taking more time. Women will act for the welfare of the family. Students can qualify in the examinations only if they work hard for their studies.


This week, planets transit in your favor. You will have pleasant memories in your thoughts. You will have mental strength to complete your duties. A favorable situation will arise for conducting an auspicious function for your younger brother. You will get more love and affection from your relatives. You will get income from your ancestral properties. You will conquer the troubles coming from your enemies tactfully. Your spouse will act with more love and affection and command respect for the family. You will implement new changes for getting growth in your business. By this, you can get extra monetary profit. Politicians will get the help from the Govt. as expected. Women will get the help from their mother’s house. Students will concentrate in their studies and get qualified in the examinations.


This week, planets transit in your favor. Doubts remaining in your mind about some matters will be removed. You will carry on with your duties with spiritual belief in your mind. Your actions will be fine and they will bring success in the fullest form. Avoid delivering controversial talks with your brothers and sisters. You have to spend for maintaining your vehicle. You will watch the actions of your children and help them for the betterment of their actions. Your enemies will have a rethinking and stop giving troubles to you. Your spouse will take efforts to promote the welfare of the family. Production and sales will increase in your business. You can also get the help from the Govt. Employees will have more work and more salary. Women will buy the things desired to buy for a very long time. Students will increase their memory power and get more marks in the examinations.


Transit of planets is good. So, each and every action of you will be fine and create a confidence in your mind for the betterment of your life. You will talk tactfully and command respect from your relatives and friends. You will do some changes in your house and vehicles for getting more benefits. You will set right the loss of concentration of your children and make them to concentrate in their studies. You will extend a kind approach to eliminate the   worries in the minds of your spouse and thus maintain a cordial atmosphere in the family. Production and sales will increase in your business and extra profit will come. Women will keep in mind about the condition of their husband and talk to help heir husband. This will enhance the cordiality of your family. Students will study well and get the appreciations of their parents and teachers.


This week some planets do not transit favorably. So, your planned actions will be time consuming. Involvement in your activities with the due concentration will enhance the benefits out of it. Some people will mock at your soft nature. It is better to distance away from them. Avoid speedy driving. You will get unexpected benefits due to the lucky star power of your children. Take care for your health. You will be happy about the love and affection of your spouse. There will be average production and sales. You may have to get loan for meeting your essential expenses. There may be dangers for the mechanical laborers. So, they have to be careful and follow the safety measures. Women will take all possible efforts for the welfare of the family. Students can get through only if they work hard.


Planets transit favorably. You will start an action planned for a long time with a determination. You will get the help from your friends. You will get more benefits by your talented action. Plan of some of you for buying a house will be fulfilled without any hurdle. You will make the future of your children safely. Your spouse will appreciate your good qualities wholeheartedly. There are chances for you to buy machines with new technologies for increasing the production in your business. Politicians will get new posts with more respect and responsibilities. Women will be healthy. They will buy new dresses and ornaments. Students will qualify with higher grades and demand gifts from their parents.


Planets do not transit favorably. By this, your mind will not concentrate in anything. Distance away from those who speak ill of others. You will manage the critical situation with he help of your family members. Take safety measures for your house and vehicle. Your children will find fault with their friends and get enmity with them. Your advice will set them right. Normal rest will safeguard your health. You should behave in a manner without losing the confidence of your spouse and safeguard the integrity of the family. Production and sales will be delayed in your business but income coming out of it will be normal. Employees should work, keeping in mind about the circumstances in the work place. Women should not get loan from anybody. Students should avoid criticizing the actions of their friends.


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