WEEKLY PREDICTIONS FROM 24.10.2021 TO 30.10.2021

weekly horoscope
weekly horoscope


This week make sure you think of creating outcomes that are of benefit to you once in a while. Look out for opportunities that may be on the horizon, if single romance is more likely, who knows; maybe new prospects in love open up. Your path to success is blocked, even though previously even with your original approach, you were always on the right track and made good progress. With too many obstacles in your way its necessary to re-evaluate the situation and look at new possibilities. Change your approach and focus on the main task, then you are much closer to reaching your goal. Quite effortlessly you’re able to deal with activities you normally experience as being much more challenging. You are poised and confident, able to avoid everyday petty squabbles that normally hinder progress.


This week make your dreams come true, by being courageous you’re able to improve not only your personal life but also your working life and may well become a role model for those around you. It’s important you find time to let off steam in order to de-stress. Devote free time to recreational activities and ensure you don’t lose sight of your all important goals. A long cherished wish is forcing itself into your consciousness and onto the agenda. You sense an inner pressure to invest all your energy in fulfilling this desire. Work out why this wish has suddenly become so strong, check if it’s really about your wish, or if it’s a result of what others expect. If it’s the latter, it’s time to work out your own desires. Circumstances seem to be stacked against you. Take your time to consider and weigh up your options before embarking on anything too hastily, otherwise mistakes occur and unnecessary arguments follow.


This week you are capable of being extremely productive and making a success of whatever you do. However be careful of over-reacting if you feel threatened; you tend to respond bad-temperedly or even insensitively. Hold yourself back if confronted and refrain from making enemies or from the temptation to deliberately provoke others, behavior like this is very unproductive and likely to cause you unwanted problems. Step back from time to time and use your energy both purposefully and thoughtfully. Liable to overreact for the slightest of reasons, your offhand behavior gets you into trouble with anyone who holds a position of power over you. The basic watchword you need to adopt is caution, the same holds true in relationships be careful about exactly what you say and the manner in which you say it, if possible find a quiet place to be on your own. Health would be normal in all aspects.


This week the maxim to follow is; to think twice before you act and precede one step at a time with extra caution. Don’t let yourself be so easily provoked, consider situations sensibly before you finally make a decision about the most effective way to proceed. Your nerves are on edge, it’s imperative you put a stop to your impulsive behavior, or you’re likely to get into trouble. Your overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction leads you to demonstrate your displeasure. Take the time and let off steam by performing some recreational activities. This has a calming effect and lets you view things in a more relaxed way. Wanting to achieve is okay as long as whenever possible you include others and satisfactorily deal with their concerns. Don’t resort to angry outbursts if you’re criticized but consider if there is a benefit to be gained from the other person’s point of view that you can take into consideration and is likely to improve the outcome of your activities.’


This week you remain calm in the face of turbulent circumstances. Sometimes the things you attempt to resolve don’t turn out so well, often you discover it’s the people you encounter on the way who cause problems. Don’t overreact, instead, recover your composure, impress others with your confidence and you emerge unaffected by any slightly disagreeable experiences. Your increased self-confidence helps you to establish important ties with influential and good-natured individuals. What you have to say endears others to your way of thinking and encourages them to support you in your endeavors. In both your professional and private life your company is sought after and appreciated. As a guest, you are likely to cause quite a stir with your encouraging and level-headed approach to life. All who have the pleasure of meeting discover you are stimulating company. Don’t be too disappointed with how events turn out.


This week everything you work towards is likely to be positively received and you’re extremely satisfied with what you achieve. Similarly your relationship is extremely gratifying for you both. If single, you receive advances from people you find appealing and enjoy these but don’t get too carried away, instead take up a recreational activity to use up excess energy. You inspire others with your ideas and plans, your cool, calm and collected approach wins people over and they have little reason to refuse the advances or suggestions you make. Proposals you put forward at work are also met with a favorable response and colleagues, previously difficult to deal with, are willing to listen. Take this opportunity to develop new strategies you can implement in future, that provide you with a foundation to overcome any tough times that may possible lie ahead of you. It’s almost guaranteed – you feel repeatedly provoked; don’t take it too seriously even though you notice how easily you get annoyed refuse to give in to it.



This week unusually high energy levels are rather overwhelming and difficult for you to harness in a constructive, sensible way. Hold back or stay in the background, importantly don’t alienate the people you care about most. Those you know are intrigued by the way you behave, but if you blow your top, do it in private and don’t create unnecessary unpleasantness. Prospects are good, take advantage of any opportunity you get to let others know how committed you are. You’re able to state and define your point of view convincingly in every situation that occurs. Try to deal with as many outstanding issues and plans for the future as you possibly can. As in all things a healthy balance is required, take a break when you can, going out for a jog in the evening, riding your bike or long walks in the country help you relax and unwind after a time of intense deliberations.


This week regardless of how much you try, your customary problem-solving strategy isn’t improving matters. The approach you normally adopt fails and leaves you in an awkward situation. An alternative strategy is to drop your usual tactic and try something new. Plans you try to implement require your focused attention, more than ever it’s important to accept that you cannot change certain things and you don’t allow your disappointment to stand in your way, instead concentrate on things which lie ahead. With the correct amount of patience and persistence, even if it takes a longer you reach your goal. Just by doing this alone you possibly find a way out of what seems like an unsolvable state of affairs. Although you feel confident and ready to make improvements both at work as well as on the home front in ways you have not attempted before.



This week your high self-confidence makes you rather ruthless in certain situations and you show little regard for those you leave behind as long as you get what you want. Lacking in self-confidence its difficult to be assertive. Avoid the temptation to compensate for your indecisiveness by being so pompous and displaying authority over others. Instead if appropriate, show some strength of character, admit your mistakes, people prefer honesty. Distance yourself and consider why you’re experiencing your current uncertainty. You are a bundle of energy. This can turn out to be either positive or destructive. Think thoroughly about your approach to new situations, especially if important decisions have to be made. Knee-jerk reactions may have adverse effects and being so assertive may upset your partner, bear in mind that if you argue it’s with the person you love most.



This week the thorough approach you take is complimented by the strength of purpose that is apparent to all who know you. Your intuition is strong, you’re in a relaxed mood and have a good feel for any promising opportunities that arise and consider them carefully. You’re ready to venture into unknown areas, for new experiences not previously considered. With new acquaintances your casual and playful way of dealing with complex situations makes you very appealing. Healthy self-confidence and high physical stamina make it likely that you experience a very productive period. It,s important for you to let others know your plans and make it clear you’re willing to show the necessary degree of compromise that insures everyone is satisfied.


This week ease up on the talking and avoid putting others on the defensive. If you require help from others be more patient and diplomatic in the way you approach them. Even if you personally feel on top form, be prepared to take things at a more leisurely pace otherwise you may suffer setbacks from unnecessarily taking on far more than you able to handle. Feeling somewhat invigorated, you feel able to take on more responsibility both at work and on the home front. At the same time, take care not to become overwhelmed by the number of additional demands placed on your time. Make people aware of your limitations and boundaries. If challenged adopt a position of conciliation and don’t dominate others with an unnecessarily assertive stance. Health would be somewhat disturb you during the week..


This week you rid yourself of any past problems; you, are able to deal with existing uncertainties or any unclear issues in your life. You provide yourself with a stable foundation for the future. You don’t come up against any new obstacles, others show you respect and you take more seriously. What you sort out helps you later when circumstances are not so advantageous. Where ever you go and whoever you meet you, are able to imbue others with your good mood and enthusiasm, as well as assist them in any way that is required. You find nothing is in the least daunting  take this opportunity to deal with outstanding issues both past and present. Make sure you think of creating outcomes that are of benefit to you once in a while! Look out for opportunities that may be on the horizon, if single romance is more likely, who knows; maybe new prospects in love open up.


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