• Will pet animals cause allergy?

Yes! Pet animals cause allergy. Hen, ducks, turkey, dove, fish rabbits, squirrel, horse, rats and love birds cause allergy.

  • Apart from the above-mentioned animals, what are the other living things which cause allergy?

The wastes of the lizard, cockroaches which are browsing in the house are important among those which cause allergy.

  • How allergy is caused by these living things?

As the dead cells, fallen heirs, saliva, urine and the septic wastes are mixed in the air. When we inhale it, our health is affected and our skin is also affected.

  • What are the health hazards, caused by them?

When the allergic things go inside the body, they work as antigens. At that time, a kind of negative-protein known as ‘Immunoglobulin-E’ will be formed in the blood. This joins with the factors causing allergy, releases some chemicals. These chemicals enlarge the blood vessels and attack the veins.

  • When veins are affected, what kinds of health problems come?

Running nose, sneezing, itching in the skin, callus and rashes come.

  • What are the symptoms?

Running nose, dry cough, asthma,  chest congestion, water flowing from the eyes, irritation, reddishness in the eyes, swelling of the lids, dermatitis, scurvy, sleeplessness, tiredness and throat pain are the symptoms.

  • Will the asthma patients be further affected by the pet animals?

Yes! They will certainly be affected more by 40%.

  • What are the tests available?

Blood test will help to detect the allergy.

  • What are the treatments?

There is treatment to arrest the allergy- symptoms. Steroid medicines will be given, in addition. Immunotherapy treatment will be given.

  • What are the preventive measures?

It is better for those who are affected by the allergy to avoid keeping pet animals at home. Avoid touching and carrying the pet animals and kissing them. It is compulsory to clean the house by spreading pesticides in the house. Those who are fond of keeping pet animals at home should get preventive vaccinations.



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