During this year, Jupiter transits in your 12th house up to April 2023 and after that Jupiter transits to your first house. Saturn transits in your 11th house, which is favorable.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Planet Jupiter transits in the 12th place i.e. Viraya Sthanam in the beginning of the year up to April 2023. After that, Jupiter transits to the 12th house i.e. to your Jenma Rasi. Both the transits are not good.  Saturn transits in your  11th  house and this is  a favorable transit.  Now we will see the predictions. The transit of Jupiter in the Viraya Sthanam causes critical situation in the financial matters.

In the beginning of this year up to April 2023, Jupiter transits in the ‘Viraya Sthanam’. During this period, you cannot expect favorable effects.  Some unfavorable effects will come due to the transits of Jupiter, Ragu in Jenma Rasi.

You will not have interest to carry on your day to-day activities. Your health will not also be good. Jupiter is related to the decease of diabetic and you may suffer due to Sugar problems. Not only this, but cloistral problem will also join. You should be very careful to take treatment, in time. Many of your comforts will be reduced. You cannot even take timely food.  Generally some kind of body- disorders will occur.

The unfavorable transit of Jupiter will increase your mental worries. Some of you will change their business and the job. Some of you will undergo change of places also. Some of you will go abroad. You should also take care of the health of your spouse. Your spouse will undergo problems of health like, allergy, blood-related and poison- related deceases.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Some of you will entangle yourself in the unwanted problems like getting associated with immoral ladies. Such an association will damage your name and fame. Some new friends may join with you and some old friends may leave you. You will undergo waste expenditure in the repair of your vehicles. You will also have misunderstanding with your brothers and sisters. You will face hurdles in the marriage- proposals and delay in finalizing them. Newly married couples will not have proper understanding between them and make life miserable.   In some families, misunderstanding develops between husband and wife. Their relationship will not be good. But chances are there that there may be some benefits from the relatives of your mother .Those who are in public life should be careful. Otherwise they may face damages to their dignity and will be spoken ill of by others. Some sudden unexpected drawbacks may also come.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

When Jupiter transits in the 12th place and in the first house, your energy level will come down and you will   always feel weak and tiresome. Some health ailments s like liver-problems and indigestion, sugar and cholesterol may affect you. . As the finance related planet Jupiter transits in the ‘Viraya Sthanam’ you will have waste expenditures. You may have to spend double the amount of money for all matters. Suddenly expenditures will come from the unexpected corners. Huge amount of money will go away suddenly during this period. Medical expenses, education-expenses for your children and the marriage-expenses for the grown up children, expenses relating to the construction of houses will all throng you from all the sides. Absences of proper planning will double the expenditures. Proposals for marriages will not be materialized.  Giving loans to others will not only cause non return of money but also some enmity with them. Don’ entrust your money to anybody because you cannot get it back. Don’t invest in the unauthorized financial organizations.

[These predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Some of you who indulge in meditation and spiritual thoughts will get the Dharshans of Great Saints and relationship of the God Men and get their blessings. You should take care of your mother’s health. You will have misunderstanding with the relatives of your mother. Some of you will leave your parents. Students will have to work hard, as there are chances to lose interest in studies. You may be an intelligent student; but all your intelligence will go in vain. Working people should also be careful. Those who work in the field of electricity, fire, poison and weapons should be extra careful. You should have a concern on your health. You will have health-problem.

The worries due to the unfavorable transit of Jupiter will be overcome by the favorable  transit of Saturn in the 11th house .The transit of Saturn gives you all sorts of favors.  Saturn transits in your 11th house. This is a lucky transit. You will get all kinds of prosperity. The enmity prevailed in the work-place will go away. The enmity with your colleagues also disappears. You will have new customers in your business. You will add one more business with the existing one and earn more income. You will get your due promotions, increase in salary, transfers to the desired place in your official cadre, thereby join with your family members and enjoy. You will also get success in the court cases. You will enlarge your business by increasing the number of employees. If you talk less, you can achieve more. Some of you will buy new house, land and vehicle and develop your standard of living. You can be happy about the education, their job and marriage possibilities.  Some of you will have a chance of going abroad for tours, studies or for job. You will also redeem your long-term loans. Your court cases will come to an end. Your enemies will surrender. The existing problems will go away. Some will have the happiness of conducting marriage, house-warming ceremonies etc. This is the time in which you can get all sorts of fortunes. Those who try for better foreign jobs like doctors, engineers etc. will get the jobs of their desire. Your health problems will go away. Those who were suffering from some chronic diseases like, kidney-disorders, cancer, heart-ailments will get cured of the diseases. Your worries will disappear. Some of you will buy new ornaments for your wife. Misunderstanding with your spouse which was prevailing so far, will slowly go away. Some of you will fix their son’s or daughter’s marriage according to their desired choice.

[Predictions are given to you for the New Year by ‘moonramkonam.com’]

Vedic Remedies:

The transit of Jupiter is not good. So, visit the temple of Dhakshinamurthy Swamy, on Thursdays and pray Him by offering Yellow flowers and a garland of Chenna Dal.  The transit of Ragu is not good. Worship Goddess Durga by offering Red Roses on Fridays. Transit of Kedu is not good . clean the temple of Vinayaga  and worship Him.

God bless for a prosperous New Year. !.


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