There are two kinds of asafetida as milk asafetida and red asafetida. The taste of asafetida has the taste of alkali and bitterness and this induces the veins and gives taste.  This digests easily and makes other foods also to digest.  Asafetida has an undesirable smell when it is not cooked.  But it gives a soft taste for the cooked foods. This remembers the smell of garlic belonging to the group of onions.

We use asafetida generally, for giving smell to the foods. But asafetida has some special medicinal qualities.

  1. Asafetida gives heat to the body. It digests foods.
  2. It increases taste to the food.
  3. It cures stomach-upset.
  4. It   evicts intestinal worms.
  5. There is more protein in the asafetida.  Vegetarians, who cannot get protein by eating non-veg foods like fish, can compensate and get the protein by adding asafetida in their food.
  6. It is a good remedy for vein-problems.  If you add more asafetida in your food, it normalizes veins and the brain and prevents vulnerabilities.
  7. Fry the asafetida powder in a pan and put it in the caries, it cures tooth-ache.
  8. Asthma patients who suffer due to asphyxia, can put asafetida powder in the flame and breathe its smoke, the suffocation will go.
  9. It helps for gastric troubles. It is used for the vein-related head-ache, hysteria and cough.
  10. It is used for evicting intestinal-worms .it acts to induce digestion.
  11. The chemicals in the asafetida evict   chest mucus through lungs   and the nervous system.
  12. It also cures chest pain, bronchitis, whooping cough.
  13.  It also cures hypertension and reduces the density of blood.




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