Cockroach helps to prepare a good medicine for curing diseases. This is useful for curing ‘Pirangial Asthma’. This medicine helps to cure the asthmatic patient, who suffers by non-stop breathing trouble.

Dr. Christian Frederic Samuel Honyman has got the research degree in Allopathic Treatment. By doing strong researches, he introduced ‘Homeopathy Treatment. There is a medicine by name ‘Plata Orientals’ for the Asthma disease. This is made out of the cockroach.

When the Asthmatic patient suffers due to breathlessness, the medicine of ‘Plata Orientals’ can be given as per the advice of the Doctor.

Even the Breathlessness of a patient which can be cured only by injecting the medicine in allopathic treatment, can be cured by the cockroach medicine easily.

If the head of a cockroach can be cut from its body, the cockroach can live for weeks together. Afterwards, it dies only because it cannot take food. It dies only of hunger.


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