• DAY TIME NAP GIVES ENERGY: this is true. But sleeping in the afternoon should not exceed more than 30 minutes.  This gives energy to do work. There is no big difference between night sleep and this day time nap. Those who cannot sleep at night will have a day time nap and try to compensate that. But day time nap will not at all give the benefits of night time sleep.
  • SLEEPING MORE TIME GIVES HEALTH: this is not true. The quality of sleep is more important than the duration of sleep. It is enough if you have deep sleep for 6 or 7 hours. If you sleep in a dark room, without any disturbance, the quality of sleep would be good. Getting up in between and sound and light disturb sleep.
  • BRAIN WILL NOT WORK DURING SLEEP:  This is not true. How can you get dreams, if brain does not work? During sleep, other organs take rest. Brain works, during sleep also, as if it works when you are awake. But there is some differences it its work. When one gets up after a deep sleep, complicated decisions, thoughts and thinking capacity in various ways gets development.
  • WINE CAN BE TAKEN FOR GETTING SLEEP: this is not true. Drinking wine itself is harmful to health. Statement that it helps to sleep is a false imagination of people. Problems like snoring, sleep apnea will trouble.  Further, the habit of drinking  affects the natural quality of sleep.


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