If you ignore caring of teeth, the health of the body will be affected. Eating the food by grinding with the teeth  and speaking the words clearly may not be possible.

We will see what are all required for the dental care:

  • Gargling the mouth is good before and after eating the food.
  • If you clean the teeth with neem sticks, your body and mind will be strong.
  • If you eat the sour taste- foods in less quantity, ‘tooth sensitive’ will not affect you.
  • If you breathe through the mouth, tooth will decay.
  • If you drink a liquid with more chillness or more heat, teeth will decay.
  • Though there are incisor teeth, canine teeth, pre molar teeth and posterior molar teeth, wisdom teeth will come at a particular age.
  • It is necessary to give attention to the tooth decay and gingivitis in the beginning itself.
  • You should avoid eating ice creams and chocolates but should take raw vegetables and fruits.
  • You can get strong teeth by taking greens, vegetables milk, and eggs . if block spots occur in the teeth and bleeding comes, you should consult the dentist.


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