• ENERGY DRIKS ARE BETTER THAN SODA:   this is not true. Both these are harmful to the body. Ingredients of these drinks are herbs, amino acids and artificial sugar. The sugar available in these drinks is triggering to drink them continuously. Sugar in the energy drinks and soda is harmful to the body. The carbon-di-oxide gas and the phosphoric acid are not good to the body. Those who drink these drinks suffer from obesity, heart problems and diabetic.

 * IT IS GOOD TO USE CASH: this is not true. Today, most of the goods and services are purchased through credit and debit cards by on line digital way. By these methods customers get many offers. Safety is in question while taking cash and going out.  As on line money transfers are registered, it cannot be defrauded easily. Handling cards is more safe and easy, than handling cash.

  • BUYING A HOUSE IS BETTER THAN LIVING IN A RENTED ROOM:  it cannot be definitely said whether this is true or false.  When a young person is searching for his dream job, it is wrong to keep cash at house.  In that circumstance, rented room is better. Though house can be considered as a property, its maintenance expenses increases every year. So, one should buy a house, only after confirming about his future, his profession, marriage and savings.
  • YOU SHOULD NOT TAKES DINNER AFTER 7 PM:  this is not true. It is good to eat after feeling hungry at your convenience. But taking dinner some hours before sleeping is good for digestion. When a person. When a person stays awake at night, there is a chance for him to eat fatty foods enriched with more calories.  Due to this, one’s body weight may be increased.  It would be a good solution to take healthy and easily digestible food by separating part by part.  it is good to eat when you feel hungry  but there is no need to see watch .
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