Fig fruit contains more nutrients and more medicinal qualities. In the myths and literatures, it has been spoken highly of about Fig fruit.  Fig trees are not grown up everywhere. It is rarely seen. But fig trees can also be grown everywhere like other trees.

It is considered that the mother- land of fig trees is ‘Mediterranean sea’ area. This tree grows well in the wet places. It grows in the river side and in the valleys. these trees are with 10 meters’ to 15 meters’ height. The vegetables are in bunches with green color and after it ripens as fruits in red color in the upper parts of the trees and at the bottom of the trees.

Fig fruit is not used for eating. It is only used for medicinal uses.  But it can be used for eating like other fruits. The ripened fig fruits are very tasty.   The unripe fig is astringent.

After peeling off the skin, the fruit can be eaten. Dry fruits can be soaked in honey and be eaten or the dry fruit can be powdered, mixed with sugar and eaten.

In fig fruit, there is  13.6%water contents,, 7.4% protein contents, 5.6% carbo hydrate 17.9%  fiber contents 6.5% potash 0.91%posperic acid and metal contents like  magnesium, potassium, iron, and lime.

Fig fruit has more sugar and less acid. The new fruits have more lime. The measure of lime will reduce after the fruit dries.

There are uses in the leaves and the barks of the fig tree.  The chemical substance of tannin is available in the barks of fig trees. Leaves are used as food for cattle.

The medicinal qualities of fig fruit:

  1.  If fig fruits are eaten often, heart will become strong.
  2. Blood circulation will improve. Immunity will increase.
  3. It cures indigestion.
  4. If you cook the young fig, piles and dysentery will be cured.
  5. If the dry fig is powdered and mixed with honey and consumed, liver-functioning will normalize.
  6. If the powder of fig-seeds mixed with water and eaten, diabetic disease will be cured.
  7. Mix butter and sugar with the fig-milk and   if one spoon is taken once in 4 hours, the disease of blood mixing with urine will be cured.
  8. Squeeze the barks of fig, mix the juice with the buttermilk and drink ½ cup twice, most of the stomach diseases will be cured.
  9. Powder the bark of the fig and mix it with milk, add sugar, and if it is drunk, throat infection and mouth-ulcer will be cured.
  10.  Soak the bark of the fig If the wounds are cleaned with the water, the wounds will be cured early.



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