* INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATIONHAS MORE WEIGHT: The weight may further increase in due course of time. Only the Jumbo jet Aircraft can be compared with this. In the international space station, many kinds of goods are stored slowly.  So, the weight increases. At present, its weight is 4,19,725 kg. In the coming years, when the parts like Tahoka and Axiom are joined with this, its weight will increase roughly over 40,000 kg.

* FOOD STUFFS IN THE FUTURE DAYS ARE ONLY INSECTS:  more chances are there for this. Researches made throughout the world categorically say that insects will be the only foods in the future. It would be difficult to cultivate crops in the future due to the changes in the ecosystem.  Food production does not grow according to the increasing population. Due to this, producing the insects enriched with protein has been started. In the farms of Mexico, locusts are grown for food.

* LIGHTENING ENERGY CANNAOT BE SAVED: The attack of ‘lightening ‘happens throughout the world. It is a difficult task to save the lightening which comes 100 times in a second and convert it into electricity. A thing attacked by lightening becomes heat to more than 20,000 degree Celsius temperature.  The organization called as ‘Alternate Energy’ of America tried to prepare electricity out of ‘lightening’. But the country accepts its failure and iven up its effort in 2007.

*    THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ACCURACY HAS THE QUALITY OF ‘RACISM’:- generally it cannot be said like that.   It is a fact that in the Artificial Intelligence Accuracy of the technical organizations like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, the problem of ‘racism’ has occurred.  The reason for ‘racism’ are the pictures given for the ‘artificial intelligence ‘and the staff working there.  At present the tech. organizations are trying identify them and to solve them.

* PEOPLE HAVE LINK WITH THE VIRUS FOR A LONG PERIOD: this is true. The humanity has attained today’s position, after struggling with the attack of the virus, for lacks of years.  The virus which is a microbial organism has no capacity to increase by itself. So, human body is used as a medium. by this, in due course of time the virus and the human beings have so many new  abilities  .


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