Aadar Card

1. For getting Tamil nadur Govt’s Welfare schemes, it is compulsory to produce Aadar Card.

2. The protected Memorial under the control of Archeological Dept  is TAJMAHAL.

3.Prime Minister Narendra Modi  has asked the M.P.s to canvass for using the millet ‘ Foxtail Millet’ ( thinai)

4.The Submarine built up in India, which has been entrusted to the Navy, recently.

5. The name of Tamil nadu Govt.’s  School Education Dept  which has 169 years traditional value  has been changed     from  ‘Directorate’ to  Commission’.

  1. Sher Bahadur Thuba has been selected as  the leader of the Parliament. By this, he got the chance of  becoming the Prime Minister for the 6th time.








































































































































  1.  It has been  announced that Aadar Card is necessary for getting the welfare schemes of Tmilnadu Govt ,

2.The Archeological Dept. of Central Govt.









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