Required Ingredients:

Maida flour-2 cup;  sugar-3 cups; milk-1 cup; ghee-1 cup; orange or lemon color- a pinch; lemon fruits-5 ; cashew-10; cardamom powder- a pinch; vanilla essence- 1 tsp.


Fry Maida flour added with a little ghee for 10 minutes in low flame. After the flour becomes cool, mix milk with it without any lump.

Remove the seeds in lemon, and cut it in to small pieces. Pour 2 tsps of ghee in the pan and after it becomes hot, and sauté the cut lemon pieces, then allow it to become cool and then grind it nicely.

Put a thickly bottomed vessel on the stove and pour a little water. After the water becomes hot, put sugar in it and make it as jeera . Then add the Maida mixed with milk in the jeera little by little. When the mixture in the vessel boil like effervescence, put the paste of the lemon pieces and stir well.      Then pour ghee little by little in it.

Now, add  a few drops of orange or lemon essence, a few drops of venilla essence,  cardamom powder,  cashew nuts and dry grapes fried in ghee,  when the mixture comes to the right shape, transfer it to  a ghee coated plate and equalize it.

Now tasty lemon cake is ready.


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