Food eaten by us, when it goes inside, if it enters in a wrong path, the breathe to be inhaled is blocked and baffling stress comes. If suffocation is caused, giddiness comes in 40 seconds and death comes in 4 minutes.  Even if the life is saved by immediate medical treatment, a permanent vulnerability is caused in the brain.

Many people come across such kind of suffocation while eating. Eyes become reddish inhale speedily. After that bigger coughs will come. Feeling unable to speak, they will catch their throat.

Body level oxygen will come down and face will turn in to blue color. Then cough slows down and giddiness comes.  If no immediate treatment is arranged, death comes.

When nasal dripping comes, those who are nearby use to pat on the back and try to stop.   Mostly, this action ends in danger.  When patting on the back speedily, food particles may go out or may go in to the trachea.  This action may turn the semi blocking in to full blocking.  Drinking water, eating banana fruit or any other solid foods makes the problem more complex and brings death. If that person does get giddiness and breathe well and talking well, you should make him to bend down and make to cough well.  You should pat his upper backside slowly by your palm. Even after 5 pats, if coition doesn’t become normal, doctor’s advice should be followed.

Dr. Henry Heimlich gives a theory for treating of Nasal Dripping. The theory is as follows:

  •  Stand at the backside and fold his waist, from his backside.
  • Standing in that position, you should hold your hand, below the place of ending of the middle and above the navel as if, to punch.
  • In that condition, raise your hand above and press your hand. Don’t touch the ribs. This should be done carefully. You should do like this continuously, till the food particles come out


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