1. Sago is high standard rice made from the sweet toddy and palm fruit. But nowadays sago is made up of the the tapioca- flour. This is not of a higher quality.

When the English people rule our country, they imported the sago from the Java Island instead of rice. Thus Sago was called as ‘java rice’ and then the word became as ‘javvarisi’.

2A man breathes 3 cylinders’ oxygen each day.  The price of an oxygen cylinder is Rs, 700/-this costs more than Rs. 7.66 lakh . if the average age of a man is 65 years, it goes beyond Rs. 5 crores.

Such costly and valuable air is given by trees free of cost. If such is the fact, how much respect should we give to the trees?  Trees are the treasure given by the Nature to the man. Therefore, we should protect trees.

3. Termite belongs to the group of ants. Termites, the termites’ takes and saves the soil required for its – termite-hill, little by little.  The soil would dissolve in the rain water.

So, it   joins the soil saved by it, with   a type of wax-like substance which is secreted from its mouth and forms as towers. As the wax like substance joins with the soil, they remain strong and tight like hills.

Thus, if the termites form its termite-hills, by its hard efforts, snakes come and start to reside in it. Our elders point it out as termites form hills and the snake dwells in it.

4     If the food is good, we accept it we refuse it if the food does not suit to us.

Reason for it is that our tongue is capable of finding various tastes- the taste of bitterness on the backside of the tongue, the taste of astringent at the backside-edge of the tongue, the taste of salt at the front side edge of the tongue, the taste of sweet at the front side of the tongue


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