Doctors and the Dieticians are telling, so far that fat is the reason for all diseases. But this Diet recommends for eating only fat as the main food.

Food habit of the Stone-Age man, who is otherwise called as ‘Cave Man’ and who lived in a period in which there is no grains and fire, is ‘Palio Diet’. It is told that there was weight reduction up to 10 kg, in a 1 month.

Generally, this palio diet is the common diet in America for the last 13 years and now it has come to India. In the beginning it could not be believed.  But the Cro-Magnons who lived in the caves ate a lot of meat and fruits and lived. There was plenty of fat and protein and thus he was healthy without any disease. But, though there are all facilities in the in the modern world, there are a lot of diseases spread. Reason is that we have deviated away from the healthy food. In this   different type of food system, meat and egg are important.  100 almonds are recommended as the breakfast and after that, instead of milk and sugar, butter mixes tea or coffee.

For the lunch, you can have 4 eggs and you can add salt, tomato and onion. In the evening, you can have milk with the palio vegetables, i.e beets which grow under the earth and the vegetables except the beans. You can take all varieties of greens, daily you should not at all include dhal, grams,   and grains should be avoided. At nights, you need not take rice and curry but you can take only the meat duly fried in ghee or duly grilled. The condition of the palio diet is that refined oils should not be used but only the oil derived from the wooden expeller can be used.  It is told that you can have weight- loss   , if you take all these kinds of fats.

Generally our body requires two things for its functioning, i.e. glucose and fat.  Glucose includes rice, grains, junk food, sweets and bakery items which are enriched with carbohydrates. When these foods are not available, our body takes the energy from the fat already available in the body. This is the reason for the weight loss, in the palio diet.

Foods containing carbohydrates and glucose induce hunger and make us to eat more. Thios is the reason for to gain more weight and diabetes and blood pressure attack.  But fatty foods are noy like that. If we eat a little, we feel adequate.

Actually, this diet has been initiated for sugar patients. Now it is useful to all people. Insulin works to change the carbohydrates in the body as fat. Insulin has no work at all if we adopt the palio diet, because there is no sugar in the meat or in the egg.  You need not afraid of heart attack, because these diets contain only the good fats. No unnecessary fat will accumulate.  Accumulated good cholesterol will be used for energy.

Our body requires 5 kinds of food materials like Grains, dhal varieties, vegetables, Fruits, milk, and curds. If you take all the above , we  can live without diseases.

A chemical product known as ‘ketone’ should be secreted in our body, for taking energy from the fat. If this is increased, there are chances for arising of problems relating to Ketone .  Therefore, specialists say that palio diet is also problematic.


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