Herbs cure diseases. Some herbs have some special qualities. So, it is correct to use them in the right way, after getting advice from the doctors. The herbal juice should be drunk drop by drop with interest. Herbal juice should not be drunk more than twice a day. If you hesitate to eat the herb, separately, you can cook it with the greens or you can take it by preparing soup.

Now we can see the special qualities of the herbs:

  • If you drink the juice of basil, poisons will release from the blood.
  • If you drink the juice of ‘scutch grass’ hemoglobin will increase in the blood. This is a perfect medicine for the skin diseases.
  • If you drink the juice of banana-stem, in correct intervals as per the advice of the doctors, it cleanses the kidneys.
  • The juice of coriander leaves stimulates hunger. It also cures neurasthenia and rheumatism.
  • Mint juice is a good laxative. It cures digestive problems.
 Juice of herb centella cures jaundice and neurasthenia. it also increases memory power.
 * juice of Solantum Tilobatumcuires   cures neurasthenia  and cold.
 * Juice of black nightshade cures gas trouble.
* Juice of momordica dioica is a good medicine for cough and chest mucus.
* juice of onion  mixed with garlic cures bad colasterol.
* vegetable juice is digested in 20 minutes and converts into energy.
* .if you grind ginger and extract juice and kept for some time ,some kind of precipitate rests at the bottom. If you remove it and drink the clear juice with honey, it is good for health.


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