This Mariamman Temple is situated at a distance of 5 km in the eastern side of Thanjavur in the Nagappattinam road. Kings who ruled Thanjavur, like Venkoji Maharaja and Thulaja Raja built this temple in their periods. This is one of the 68 temples belonging to the palace of THanjavur

This Amman is well known for her medical cures for the small pox and chicken pox deceases.  People come here especially in all the summers. In the summers, sweating is seen on the face of the Amman. Because of this reason, she is called as ‘Muththu Mariamman ‘. Apart from the small pox and chicken pox diseases, those who suffer from severe stomach pain worship her, lighting a flour-lamp on their stomach. Those who pray for eye sight also offer idols of eyes. People also put salt and they offer chicken for the temple.  Those who suffer from boils in the body worship Her, and put jaggary in the in the temple-pond.

Amman festivals are grandly organized in the Tamil Months of ‘Aadi, Aavani and ‘Purattaasi.  Money deposited in the Hundi was utilized for making 22 kg ‘Kavasam’ and offering to Amman.

The ‘Chola’ Kings has formed 8 sakthis in the 8 directions around Thanjavur by this way, the ‘Sakthi’ formed in the eastern direction is this ‘Punnai Nallur Mariamman’  for this Amman, the ‘Thalai kaappu Abishekam ’ will be held for 48 days. At that time , Amman feels hot. To reduce heat, tender coconuts and curds are offered. Water is also filled up in the water-tanks for reducing the heat of ‘Amman’.

Devotees are welcome in the months mentioned to participate in the Amman festivals.


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